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The most rewarding experience for a teacher is to watch students transforming personal and professional lives as a result of education.

Michelle Warn, PhD



Michelle’s technology vision began with her work at Apple, Inc. both in Cupertino and at Apple Pacific. There she implemented business and technology solutions that led the world into the digital age. Michelle earned her Masters in Education Technology and doctorate in Education Leadership at Claremont Graduate University. She served as director of an online education organization at San Diego State University, where, in 1995, she built some of the first online degrees in the U.S. She led the organization for almost 20 years with a mission to make education and training accessible to all learners across all learning environments.

As an educator, Michelle had the opportunity to provide online degrees and training to students around the world, including Micronesia, where cultural sensitivity and appreciation of local influences were critical to success. Often final class presentations were delivered in the local language and involved traditional dances and chants. Currently, she also teaches and develops online curriculum in India and the greater Asian region with the goal of growing skills and confidence among people in developing nations.

Michelle is Program Chair of the Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology at Ashford University where she explores innovative technologies that empower learners to lead and serve in the local and global community. She has led teams to create solutions that support learner success through examination of Academic Integrity, Critical Thinking Models, Adaptive Learning, and curriculum assessment standards such as the Lumina Degree Quality Profile. She continues to research models, ideas and strategies for re-envisioning education in the nation and world.


Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Claremont Graduate University / San Diego State University
Master of Arts in Education Technology
San Diego State University
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
California State University, Long Beach