Hwang-Ji "Sherrie" Lu

Each of my students is entitled to the best education possible.

Hwang-Ji "Sherrie" Lu, PhD



Dr. Hwang-Ji Lu is an Assistant Professor in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science, where she has taught courses since 2007. She was born and raised in Taiwan, where she completed a BA in Health Science and Nutrition from Taipei Medical University. In 1984, she came to the United States and earned a Master’s degree in Nutrition from North Dakota State University, a second Master’s in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University, and a PhD in Management with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.

She has over 20 years of professional experience in a wide variety of industries including real estate, restaurants, financial services, computer hardware, hospitals, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, managed behavioral care, the non-profit sector, and pharmacy retail stores. She also has over 10 years of quality management experience in healthcare, having implemented Total Quality Management in an ISO-certified hospital, and is experienced in executing Quality Circles. Additionally, she was a hospital consultant assisting the pharmacy department in implementing processes improvement initiatives. From 2000 to 2005, she worked for the largest managed behavioral healthcare organization and the largest nonprofit in the United States in the area of quality improvement. Being a member of American Society for Quality (ASQ), she served as a Judge for the ASQ International Team Excellence Award from 2008 to 2010. She’s also a member of Academy of Management (AoM), which is the oldest, largest scholarly management association in the world, and was thrilled to receive the 2008 “Outstanding Reviewer” award from the AoM Health Care Management Division.

She has taught online courses at a number of universities since 2006, and was named to the Provost's Circle at both Ashford University and Strayer University in recognition of her excellence in the online classroom and her dedication to the students. Because she was once an online PhD student herself, she understands the needs of adult learners. “I help my students develop their self-confidence and necessary skills by offering useful tips, tools, and personal experiences. Each of my students is entitled to the best education possible.” Dr. Lu currently resides in Sterling, VA. A well-traveled individual, she enjoys seeing many places, learning different cultures, and meeting people from various backgrounds.


Dr. Hwang-Ji (Sherrie) Lu, Assistant Professor, College of Health, Human Services, and Science will present “Using Multimedia to Enhance Online Classroom Experiences” in August 2014 at the Teaching and Learning Conference of the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Hwang-Ji (Sherrie) Lu, Assistant Professor, College of Health, Human Services, and Science will present “The Impact of Using Multimedia on Student’s Learning” in September 2014 at the ICDE International Conference in Moscow, Russia.


Doctor of Philosophy in Management
Walden University
Master of Science in Exercise / Nutrition Science
North Dakota State University
Master of Science in Administration, Health Services Administration
Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Arts in Health Science and Nutrition
Taipei Medical University