Michael Weuste

I feel that adult students have more of a thirst for learning, and they are so appreciative.

Micheal Weuste, PhD, LCSW



Dr. Micheal Weuste of San Diego, CA is the Program Chair in Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services. He is originally from Wisconsin by way of Illinois, where he practiced outpatient counseling as a probation officer and social worker/psychotherapist for 30 years. He has been teaching for 15 years and is committed to assisting students to prepare for working with others in need. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to teach at Ashford, saying, “A tremendous part of the future of higher education involves working and teaching online. Ashford University’s culture is committed to flexibility, speedy improvement, and quality of education. You don’t hear, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’” He encourages online students to participate in class discussion boards regularly and to take advantage of resources available. “My best advice is to get involved and dig in! I believe your experience at Ashford will be very rewarding.” Dr. Weuste received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois, his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Illinois in Chicago, and his PhD in Clinical Social Work from the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Social Work
Institute for Clinical Social Work
Master of Social Work
University of Illinois in Chicago
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
Wheaton College