sandra rebeor

It truly is incredible to witness the impact one person can have on his or her environment and community.

Sandra Rebeor, PsyD



Dr. Sandra Rebeor is an Assistant Professor and Lead Faculty in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science at Ashford University. She earned her BBA in Business Administration with a minor in Management at Campbell University and her Master of Science in Health Sciences - Emergency and Disaster Management at Trident University International. Dr. Rebeor earned her Psy.D. in Health and Wellness Psychology at the University of the Rockies. She was born and raised in Germany before coming to the United States. This unique experience is expressed in how she approaches her teaching. “By looking beyond our daily challenges, we can improve the world around us! It truly is incredible to witness the impact one person can have on his or her environment and community.” Her professional experience ranges from working with the German government to academic and military environments. Dr. Rebeor enjoys volunteering in her community in varying capacities. Within the online classroom, she loves to connect the learned material to applicable, real-world content to enhance learning but also to aid in the retention of the learned material in the long term. “The focus on learning and the tremendous impact learning can have on a student, his or her family, and the community is priceless! Ashford University focuses on student-centered learning, which is crucial in the academic environment. It truly is a pleasure to teach students from various backgrounds within one virtual classroom here at Ashford!”


Doctor of Psychology, Health and Wellness specialization
University of the Rockies
Master of Science in Health Sciences
Touro University International
Bachelor of Business Administration
Campbell University

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