Health Promotion Quarterly

Some say there is nothing more important than your health. Ashford faculty members in the College of Health, Human Services, and Science would agree. Launched in October 2014, the Health Promotion Quarterly draws from faculty knowledge, student perspectives, and expert research to bring you interesting opinions and facts about current health topics. 


October - December – In this Issue:
Sprinter or Long-Distance Runner?
Disasters and Money
Obesity, Occupational Hazards and Joviality, Oh my!
Grocer's Corner: All About Squash

July – In this Issue:
Cap Décor: History and Traditions
Let’s Mix It Up: The Benefits of Synchronized Learning
Bullying in the Workplace and the Classroom
Grocer’s Corner: Lentils

April – In this Issue:
Five Ways Hugging Improves Quality of Life
How to Channel Anger & Be Productive
Grocer’s Corner: Lettuce
What Health Means to Me – guests George Bell and Qiana Amos

January – In this Issue:
The Power of Delaying Gratification
Are You Burned Out?
Grocer’s Corner: Garlic
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Stephanie Anderson and Dr. Patricia Addesso

October – in this Issue:
Disaster Preparedness: How to Start
Are Drug Companies Trying to Help or Hurt Us?
Grocer’s Corner: Radish
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Eric Klein and Lizzie Wann

July – in this Issue:
Opioid Epidemic – the rise and fight
Disaster Preparation 101 – Wildfires and Wildfire Prevention
Homeless and online: What resources would help these students?
Grocer’s Corner: Watercress
What Health Means to Me – guests Heather Auger and Nicholas Boehlke

April - In this Issue:
Mindfulness - Living in the Moment
What? Me, SAD?
Registered Nurses: the development of positive coping strategies
Grocer's Corner: Asparagus
What Health Means to Me - guests Dr. Yolanda Harper and Dr. Marjorie Estivill

January - In this Issue:
The Media’s Misuse of Health Data
The Virtual Reality of Telehealth and Education
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Pamela Hardy and Sandra Rebeor
Grocer’s Corner: Radicchio 

October - In this Issue:
Parkinson’s Disease and WHAT?
Mindful Eating
The Perks of Summer Don’t Have to End
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Joseph Belcher and Dr. Alexa Schmitt
Grocer’s Corner: Okra

July - In this Issue:
Breathe in Tranquility, Breathe Out Stress
Mountain Region GreenTeam
What Health Means to Me – guests Linda Thomas and Olivia Pollard
Grocer’s Corner: Summer Squash

April - In this Issue:
Williams Syndrome: How is it similar to and different from Autism?
HPQ Newsletter Experience (Student Perspective)
Fake News and Your Health
Having a Pet Can Make Your Life Healthier
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Kathy Wood and Dr. Danny Villa-Giroux
Grocer’s Corner: Rhubarb

January - In this Issue:
My Race to the Finish Line
Family Fitness: How to be a Good Role Model and Form Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Early
Faculty Spotlight: Rikkisha Gilmore-Byrd
Embrace Your Age
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Jeral Kirwan and Jana Mathieson
Fall 2016 Associate Faculty Award Recipient Dr. Avi Stein
Grocer’s Corner: Kelp

October – In this Issue:
Countless Benefits of Volunteer Work
How to Improve Community Public Health One Rinse at a Time
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Paula Battistelli and Amanda Gulde
Spring 2016 Associate Faculty Award Recipient Dr. LaTonya Jones
Grocer’s Corner: Avocado

July – In this Issue:
Why Stretch?
Membership Organizations: Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
The Accidental Gardener
Student’s Interview with Dr. Richard Pattenaude
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Mingzhen Bao and Dr. Nina Bell
Grocer’s Corner: Watermelon

April – In this Issue:
The Powerful Effects of Adding Rest and Relaxation to Your Life
Strategies for Reducing Anxiety
Laugh Your Way to Better Health
What Health Means to Me – guests Dr. Karen Ivy and Dr. Charles Holmes
Cultural Awareness, Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence: The Road Map to Cultural Capacity
Grocer’s Corner: Artichokes

January – In this Issue:
Seize the Opportunity: Rid Yourself of Indecisiveness
Relaxation Techniques for a Busy Life
Membership Organizations: American Public Health Association (APHA)
The Limits of Empathy
Coping with Caregiver Stress: Frozen in Time and Space
The Health “Pill” Doesn’t Cure the Wound
The Holidays are Over!
Grocer’s Corner: Sweet Potato/Yam

October – In this Issue:
Connecting with and Trusting the Person Behind the Screen
Meal Planning Made Simple
A Current Look at an Old Issue
Reconnecting with Nature: A Mind Free of Rumination
Sexual Health and Responsibility
Relaxing During Finals Week
Grocer’s Corner: Kohlrabi

July – In this Issue:
Are you stressed yet?
Suicide: Do You Know the Facts?
Giving a Gift to Your Future Self
What Does It Mean to have Mindful Thinking?
Obsessing About Healthy Eating Could be Problematic
Fill Up Your Glasses and Hydrate this Summer
Stress and Behaviors – A Subconscious ‘I do’?
Measles and Polio Making a Comeback in the United States
Grocer’s Corner: Kale

April – In this Issue:
E-Cigarettes: the Safer Alternative?
Join the U.S. Public Health Service
Well Being: A Personal Perspective
Mind-FULL-ness: Carry a Happy Backpack
The Aging of Baby Boomers
Grocer’s Corner: Fruits with Vitamin C

January – In this Issue:
Critical Thinking – A Student’s Perspective
Ebola: An epidemiologist’s experience in Sierra Leone
Spotlight on Sleep
Pride is a Must, and Negativity is a Bust in Health Care
Stress Relief for Students – Meditation
Financial Wellness
Grocer’s Corner: Cauliflower
A New Year – A New You? Check out what technology has in store for you!

October – In this Issue:
A Brief History of Health Care Reform in the United States of America
School Lunches – Then, Now, the Future
Our Heroes’ Health: Resources for Ashford’s Military Students
Volunteerism to Career
Are You Safe from Ebola?
Grocer’s Corner: Bok choy

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