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Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot, PhD

Associate Dean


Dr. Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot is an Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts at Ashford University. She joined Ashford after holding executive positions in both academic and corporate institutions. A lifelong professor of Literature, French, Philosophy, and Management, she has taught and headed departments in both non-profit and for-profit schools across the United States as well as in Europe. Dr. Chauderlot’s passion is teaching as well as learning, which is why she pursued an MBA after earning a BA in Philosophy and an MA in American Literature in France and before earning an MA at SDSU and her PhD from the Literature Department at ACSD. Since then, her research in Critical Theory has focused on the intersection of words and images under the auspices of Gilles Deleuze’s intense corpus of works. In addition to a series of scholarly articles, Dr. Chauderlot published a book, “French Grammar the Easy Way,” after teaching grammatical tips to international students. She shares the number of down-to-earth explanations she has developed for adult students to easily remember not only how, but also why, they should apply the language’s multiple rules. In terms of class and administration work, Dr. Chauderlot harmoniously links business and human sciences by leveraging the best principles in each field. Her students are fascinated by her mix of examples from 18th and late 20th century continental philosophy on the one hand, and on the other, from the business strategies she has designed for large international corporations. Dr. Chauderlot believes, in blending concepts and theories from both sides of the “divide,” she joyfully deconstructs to refine her compassionate yet efficient leadership and personal ethics. A resident of San Diego, which she considers home after long peregrinations, Dr. Chauderlot is also the proud staff of the three sweetest cats in the world. 

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