Alexandra Gleysteen, Journalist

alexandra gleysteen

Alexandra “Sandy” Gleysteen is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist and television executive. After graduating from Yale University with a B.A. in Literature, Gleysteen spent more than two decades at NBC News, serving in various positions including West Coast Producer for Dateline. In 2007 she founded the independent production company Gleysteen Media, and later joined CBS News as Senior Producer for CBS This Morning. A champion for gender equality, Gleysteen has served on the Women’s Leadership Council, and as Chair and Vice Chair of the California Commission on the Status of Women. She is also a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and sits on the Forbes Executive Women’s Board.

In June 2015, Gleysteen was invited to take part in the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City. The event -- of which the Forbes School of Business® at Ashford University was a sponsor -- featured 250 women from a number of industries, including education, business, media, entertainment, and philanthropy.

Gleysteen spoke with Forward Thinking about the challenges facing professional women and how obstacles can be transformed into opportunities.

On Creating Change:

“I think you have to really believe in what your purpose is, and if you come with a firm enough idea about what that story is, it’s not that hard to convince people.”

On Finding a Mentor

“I think the greatest misconception is that the only mentors you can have are people who look like you. Some of my greatest mentors have been men, and some of my greatest inspiration [comes from] the people coming up, so I think you need to be talking to everybody in your organization. And people are really incredibly generous.”

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