How to Stand Out in the Crowd with a Communications Degree

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If you have been dreaming of a future in marketing, journalism, public relations, or advertising, you have access to the help that can make your dream a reality. Visit Ashford University to take the first step toward getting your degree and jump-starting an exciting and gratifying career in communications.

Get the information you need to choose the right online communications degree program for you using Ashford’s Online Communication Degrees page. Discover the different majors you can choose from, browse sample course offerings, and get other critical information you need to pursue the career you truly desire.

Communication is Key

Communications is a wide-ranging field covering a number of professions and disciplines. With an online communications degree from Ashford University, you'll develop the critical skills and understanding you need to communicate information effectively through a variety of media. Getting a degree in any communications major will involve coursework in writing, editing, rhetoric and argumentation, and how to craft effective messages for audiences of all kinds. Of course, you can always delve deeper into your communication skills by choosing a specific focus for your degree.

Being a skilled communicator is something that employers in just about every industry value, and it's of primary importance if you want to pursue a career in one of the many communications professions that a degree from Ashford is designed to prepare you for. Students who complete one of Ashford's online communications degree programs usually seek jobs in a variety of fields, from media and advertising, to journalism, consulting and freelance writing.

Learn How to Apply Your Communications Degree

If you're passionate about current events and helping people stay informed, an online journalism degree might be right. If you are preparing for a business career that focuses on delivering strong messages to specific customers, you may opt for a Bachelor's in public relations and marketing instead.

If you aspire to be on the cutting edge of technology, consider a Bachelor's degree in eMarketing. This dynamic major puts an emphasis on how businesses and marketers use the latest digital technologies to craft integrated campaigns that drive success in both online and offline environments. You'll simultaneously be receiving exposure to basic principles of business, marketing, and advertising to help you keep up in today's fast-paced business world.

Choosing the Right Communications Degree for You

Picking the right online communications degree program for you first involves understanding what passions motivate you, and then identifying a program that will let you put those passions into practice. With a number of majors to choose from that are designed to prepare you for a breadth of careers – from independent contracting to intrinsic roles with major corporations, the online communications degree programs at Ashford University are here to help students like you prepare to meet communications and media challenges in our technology-driven world.

The demand for qualified and capable communicators isn't going anywhere, in both traditional communications fields and emerging industries of all types. Be sure to visit the Online Communications Degrees page to discover which degree can help you stand out as a great communicator amongst a crowded labor market.



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