What Professionals in Communications Need to Know

By Ashford University Staff

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Technology is changing the face of communications and expanding the opportunities within this broad and exciting field. Explore the programs and potential careers you could pursue, and discover how an online communications degree from Ashford University is uniquely positioned to give you the cutting-edge tools and experience you need to thrive as a communications professional in a rapidly evolving world.

Communications Degrees and Careers

Professional communicators have many goals. Some aim to persuade -- to stimulate their audience to take a certain action or embrace a particular viewpoint. Others try to inform -- to share facts and data relevant to an audience's interests or daily lives. Still others prefer to work behind the scenes, advising on proper communications strategies, administering communications-oriented projects, or working in a profession or organization where collaborating and effectively conveying information is of high importance.

No matter what your goals are within the world of professional communications, at Ashford University there's an online communications degree program that's perfect for you. Prepare yourself for a career in news media with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, and join an exciting and vital profession that citizens rely on to stay informed of the important news and events in their communities.

For those looking to make their impact in the corporate world, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing can give you the tools you need to help brands and organizations tell their stories and drive sales, awareness, public sentiment, and other mission-critical outcomes. For a broader view of the different approaches and trends influencing communications today, our Bachelor's in Communications Studies is designed to create well-rounded graduates who can thrive in a number of communications-centric environments.

Ultimately, the communications career opportunities you can pursue with an Ashford University online communications degree occupy an exciting range of possibilities across numerous industries. Popular careers include journalism, advertising, or public relations, while other communications graduates pursue career paths in public policy, corporate consulting, and even human resources. If the job of your dreams involves a high degree of interaction, information exchange, and critical thinking, then an online communications degree from Ashford University can give you the tools to pursue your goals and succeed.

The Cutting Edge of Communications

Advances in technology continue to shape the economy and job market, and nowhere is this truer than the world of communications. Workers today must understand how to wield the latest tools in communications technology, while demonstrating an ability to keep up with the rapid pace of change. These individuals are at an advantage not only when it comes to hiring and recruitment, but also in terms of advancing their careers within an organization.

Earning your degree at Ashford University puts you on the cutting edge of the trends and tools that influence communications today. Our exclusive Constellation® Platform and mobile-forward technologies make learning from and interacting with your instructors and fellow students more immediate and efficient than a traditional, brick-and-mortar approach to learning. At Ashford, your education experience isn't just designed to help you pass tests or write papers-- it's actually built to reflect the way communications professionals work in the 21st century.

From journalism to marketing and from corporations to public service, it's never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in communications. Put yourself on the path to success with a communications degree from Ashford University, and get ready to dive into a calling that's more dynamic and multifaceted than ever before.



Written by Ashford University staff.


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