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Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement Administration

Put your future in order with your online Law Enforcement degree from Ashford University. Develop character traits to become a responsible and ethical leader so that you can better understand the social responsibility and social contracts that law enforcement officers form with the citizens they serve.

What is Law Enforcement Administration?
Law enforcement administration is a dynamic career path that requires you to have a variety of skills in order to better serve your community. This specialized online degree program empowers you with the skills needed to manage and direct police and other law enforcement agencies. With a law enforcement administration degree, you will be exposed to how law enforcement agencies operate and evaluate guidelines for policing today's communities.

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What you will learn

Through your bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, you will learn problem-solving and communications skills and will develop a greater understanding of diversity. This law enforcement curriculum is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain social order, protect individual rights, and uphold the laws and institutions of democracy. Upon completion of your Law Enforcement degree, you will be able to:

  • Develop management and leadership skills appropriate to law enforcement administration
  • Evaluate the practices and systems for maintaining individual rights
  • Develop an understanding of police responsibility, ethics, and rights
  • Analyze criminal behavior
  • Demonstrate an understanding of race, crime, and social policy
  • Develop an understanding of the character traits necessary for becoming a responsible, moral law enforcement leader
  • Evaluate the guidelines for policing in today’s communities
  • Create a final project that demonstrates an understanding of law enforcement research and illustrates critical thinking and clear and concise writing skills

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Your Courses in Law Enforcement Administration

Your online law enforcement courses include a wide variety of topics, from race and individual rights to crime and social policy. The law enforcement curriculum offers you a solid foundation in criminal justice philosophies and educates you on how police and law enforcement agencies operate within the community. Courses are taught by law enforcement faculty members who all have years of hands-on experience in the field.

Introductory Courses
To help students acclimate to the online classroom, you may be required to complete Introductory Course requirements. Learn more about Introductory Courses.

Major Course Requirements (36 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement

Discover the Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement from Ashford University. In this video, Dr. Genea Stephens, Program Chair of the law enforcement administration degree, explains what you can expect to learn during the degree program and how it will prepare you for a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Careers in Law Enforcement Administration

Put your career in order with your online law enforcement degree from Ashford. Law enforcement agencies have become increasingly sophisticated and need educated staff with communication, critical thinking, and technology skills to accomplish their mission. Take a look at your potential career options below.

Law Enforcement Administration Careers

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.