A Director’s Perspective on Disability Awareness Month

group of diverse people standing together

“When people approach something from a wide range of perspectives, amazing things happen,” shares Rachel Orlansky, the Director of the Office of Student Access and Wellness at Ashford University, as she explains the collaborative efforts the university employs to support students.

Innovation being a key factor in access to education, we asked Rachel to tell us about the 2017 Disability Employment Awareness Month theme, “Inclusion Drives Innovation.” According to Rachel, “The best outcomes, best projects, and best experiences come from working with an incredibly diverse group of people.”


Using this opportunity to dig into the intersection of academic and employment goals, Rachel concludes that you are your own best advocate. “I think it is so important for individuals with disabilities to acknowledge and articulate their strengths and weaknesses to enhance their own success, both in education and employment.”

Disability Awareness at Ashford

Looking specifically at Ashford and the ways that Ashford is working to advance accessibility in education, Rachel tells us about her experience, “We have a universal design perspective, where classes are built in ways that every learner should be able to succeed, with or without accommodations. And the team in Access and Wellness is filled with incredible individuals, all working towards supporting our students. I feel like this is a really exciting time to be a part of the accessibility conversation at Ashford.”

However you choose to celebration Disability Employment Awareness Month, we challenge you to use the opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate ability within your community.



Written by Ashford University Staff.

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