Eva Smith: Head of Integrated Marketing, Pinterest

eva smith being interviewed

Eva Smith is an experienced marketing professional whose résumé includes senior-level roles at Microsoft/MSN, WebMD, The Weather Channel, and, most recently, Pinterest where she serves as the Head of Integrated Marketing. Smith has championed many successes resulting in increased sales, strategic developments, and team growth. Her responsibilities have involved the oversight of millions of dollars and millions of people—both customers and coworkers. In addition to her professional endeavors, she offers her personal time as a Board Member for the non-profit Julia’s Butterfly Foundation and as an Advisor for the startup Laughable. 

Smith was invited to the May 2016 Forbes Women’s Summit held in New York City, where she took a moment to share her experience and wisdom with others. The Summit, sponsored in part by the Forbes School of Business®* at Ashford University, spotlighted women across an array of industries. From business to education, from entertainment and media to philanthropy, hundreds of women came out to support each other and their accomplishments. 

As the room buzzed with the outstanding achievements of the Summit’s attendees, Smith’s thoughtful words reminded us of the reason for the event in the first place, cutting to the heart of significant issues facing females and males alike. Smith spoke with Forward Thinking on women and diversity in the workplace, on “having it all”—and even the novel idea that women should earn equal wages for equal work. She noted, “If you want to have gender equality, sometimes it’s going to be the woman who bread-wins and succeeds, and sometimes it’s going to need to be the man. I think until culturally we’re comfortable with that paradigm, there is going to be this unconscious bias.”

In spite of this bias, Smith’s career has proved there is no limit to women’s success, and she tries to emulate that in her personal achievements. As for “having it all,” Smith encouraged women to find balance and to put boundaries in place for what is part of their professional lives and what should remain in their personal lives. She advised, “I think if you don’t know how to distance the one from the other, the personal starts to bleed into the professional, and the professional starts to bleed into the personal. And then that’s not balance. That’s just kind of a soupy mess.”

Further, she explained how diversity is not only the spice of life, but also a key ingredient in the evolving landscape of technology and business. “I think the minute you stop learning, you start decaying,” Smith illustrated. “It’s the different perspectives and ways of looking at things that are going to help you solve bigger and more challenging issues.”

Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

* The school’s name has been changed to the Forbes School of Business & Technology™

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