Love, Respect, and Dignity

al welwei holding logo for human rights

In the current global climate, human rights is a topic that requires continued attention, effort, and commitment. While recent events highlight how varied our opinions may be as a nation, it’s critical that our Ashford community stand together in order to support the vision of the United Nations General Assembly, who in December of 1948, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


“Human rights are those rights inherent to all individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, whatever other status you may have,” shares Beth Lund, Ashford Alumni.

After moving to a new country to support a different aspect of human rights, Beth breaks down this concept, “I think it really starts with something simple, with love and treating each other with respect and treating each other with dignity.”

Ending this interview with a challenge, Beth asks each of us to consider how we can make an impact. “What are the gifts and the abilities that you might have that can better help you help others?”

As we close out the 2016 PAWs series, we encourage you to become a human rights advocate in your own way by using your passion and talent to help others. For more about human rights, Beth’s story, and her suggestions for using “your talents to fight that fear of differences,” check out this month’s video.

Written by Ashford University staff

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