Shaping the Bright Future of America: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month occurs annually between September 15 and October 15, with the 2017 theme of “Shaping a Brighter Future.” With that in mind, the PAWs team caught up with Dr. John Chavez, Student Advisor at Ashford University. According to John, this theme means, “Imagining that particular future as deeply as one can. It means one has the opportunity to make a difference. It means working hard to realize that the future is that difference.”

Advancement of equity in education playing a critical role in supporting the success of Latinx/a/o students, John shares his sense of this responsibility. “We have to be knowledge rich in our approach, and we have to share all that we know that creates hard work, a thirst for knowledge, a sustainable dream of college success, and eventual realization of one’s potential.”


Leaning on his experience at Ashford, John states, “As a Student Advisor I have a unique opportunity to experience all that we’re doing to support our students, including our Latinx/a/o students. By this I mean that I’ve noticed fellow Student Advisors create and share handouts that help our students when it comes to time management, communication with one’s professor, gaining proficiency, how to avoid the pitfalls of poor coursework planning, or how to succeed in the face of adversity.”

Chavez leaves us with a look forward, “Where we can go with these and other efforts is to continue to put ourselves in our students’ shoes.”

However you choose participate in this cultural celebration, we can challenge you to use the opportunity to champion awareness and celebrate the value of education within your local community.


Written by Ashford University Staff

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