If You Want to Pursue a Career in Education, Read This First

Pursue a career in education

Educators make the world a better place. That's why Ashford University has made it easy to learn about the different online education degree programs so that you can find the perfect fit for you. The Online Education Degrees page is designed to guide tomorrow's educators through the program selection process with comprehensive, easy-to-follow information that lays out what you need to know about pursuing your degree in education.

Browse the online education degree options from the Associate to Master's level. Choose from a large variety of specializations from infant and toddler care, to education and public policy, to reading literacy. Check out the list of available courses, and get to know the kinds of subjects you'll explore within a given major. Ashford University’s education degrees page also includes helpful details like program start dates, and links to other resources where you can get even more information.

How to Apply Your Online Education Degree

Whether you're planning to pursue a career in the classroom or outside of it, you can find an online education degree program that aligns with your unique interests and goals. The enriching field of child development allows you to be an advocate for children, study the stages of development from infancy to adolescence, and learn to comprehend the influence that a child’s family, culture, schools, and fellow children can have on their individual growth.

Child education (including early childhood education) will teach you the foundations of childhood development and how to approach educational curricula and program development. You'll learn essential classroom skills and expand your understanding of group behavior and human development. Students can leave this program equipped with skills on how to adapt their teaching approach to accommodate various types of learners.

A degree in English language learner studies focuses on the techniques and methods of teaching English to non-native speakers. With an emphasis on instructional design, you'll be taught how to create training and instruction for both online and in-person environments. Want to learn how we catalog and store the world's information? Our library science and media major teaches students how to sharpen their understanding of information acquisition by effectively using the latest technology combined with tried-and-true research and archival methods.

The potential impact of school administrators, curriculum developers, and other education professionals in today's globally connected world is ever-expanding and essential. Let us help you focus your passion for learning and helping others by identifying your ideal fit from our comprehensive offering of online education degree programs. Start by visiting our Online Education Degrees page, and take the first step toward leaving your lasting mark on the world.



Written by Ashford University staff

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