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Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

All effective education and training begins with thoughtful curriculum. In classrooms and corporate training rooms across the country, curriculum and instruction experts are in demand. The online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program from Ashford University prepares you for a broad range of careers that require instruction and curriculum design skills. Create the plans that allow teachers, instructors, and trainers to bring out the best in students and employees.

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What you will learn

The Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program was created to enhance knowledge and skills related to high quality instruction and curriculum design. It places an emphasis on technology integration to equip you with the tools and competencies needed to reach learners in the 21st century. The program’s curriculum also encourages you to be an agent of change in the ever-evolving world of education. When you successfully complete the online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze evidence- and standards-based instructional strategies aligned with learning and development theories to support highly effective instruction and inclusive learning environments
  • Appraise qualities of effective curricula and technology designed to include a variety of learners and abilities in inclusive settings
  • Design student-centered learning opportunities, assessments, and curriculum aligned with learning standards and empirically-based instructional design strategies promoting 21st century skills, creativity, and cultural relevance
  • Construct effective methods of collaboration, communication, and partnerships with colleagues, community, and related stakeholders
  • Evaluate educational action research drawing on critical analysis, research, and methods of various disciplines to address local or global educational issues
  • Relate personal learning with professional growth, advancement, and the ability to impact learners and other professionals in the field

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Careers in Curriculum and Instruction

Your Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program will prepare you for occupations that require instruction and curriculum design and delivery as components. Take a look at your potential curriculum and instruction career options. 

Curriculum and Instruction Careers

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This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.

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