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Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Leadership

Break new ground in a growing field and break through to future generations of young students with your Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Leadership from Ashford University. This online degree program will prepare you for leadership roles in early learning, as you evaluate and refine strategies and curricula used in early childhood settings. This degree can help you achieve the skills and knowledge needed in order to make a positive impact on the lives of children, as you can help shape the emotional, social and cognitive development of children up to the age of eight.

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What you will learn

The Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Leadership program prepares professionals in early childhood education to address the developmental needs of young children in a variety of settings using ethical practice, innovative technology, and research-based advocacy. When you successfully complete your master’s in early childhood education, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate evidence-based theories and strategies aligned with early development and learning needs to support high quality learning environments
  • Assess effective communication and collaboration strategies to positively influence partnerships with community agencies and families with young children
  • Evaluate early childhood curricula designed to promote development and learning across all domains of development
  • Evaluate effective assessment and evaluation strategies, tools, and procedures designed to improve outcomes for young children, families, and programs
  • Design discipline-specific action research based on relevant theory and research methodology
  • Propose ethical solutions that promote educational transformation in the field of early childhood education
  • Construct a personal definition of leadership as an early childhood education professional

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Careers in Early Childhood Education Leadership

Pursuing your master’s degree in early childhood education can prepare you for larger opportunities within this growing field. Explore the examples below of some early childhood education careers that can lead you to a gratifying position, all while having a significant impact on the lives of young children.

Early Childhood Education Leadership Careers

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