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Master of Arts in Special Education

Learn to make education more accessible to all students with your Master of Arts in Special Education degree earned online from Ashford University. In this program, you will be provided with meaningful learning experiences based on the ways that exceptional students develop. Learn to design and implement curricula for exceptional students. Collaborate with families, fellow educators, and communities to address the needs of exceptional students. Create an environment that cultivates learning for all. 

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What you will learn

The Master of Arts in Special Education program links theory to application through intense coursework and application. You develop learning and behavioral interventions, methods to differentiate instruction in the classroom, and ways to provide special education students with the tools to reach their full potential. Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Special Education degree program, you will be able to:

  • Design appropriate learning experiences for students with exceptionalities that are informed by diverse cultural experiences and varied patterns of learning and development
  • Create a safe, inclusive, culturally responsive environment that cultivates active and effective learning for students with exceptionalities
  • Plan cross-disciplinary learning experiences that promote individualized academic and social abilities, attitudes, values, interests, and career options for students with exceptionalities
  • Synthesize results from multiple evidence-based assessments to guide educational decisions for individuals with exceptionalities
  • Incorporate cross-disciplinary skills using evidenced-based instructional strategies for students with exceptionalities
  • Evaluate how ethical principles and practice standards influence special education laws, regulations and individual professional accountability
  • Construct an action research proposal that addresses local or global issues related to individuals with exceptionalities
  • Integrate positive collaborative practices with various stakeholders to address the needs of students with exceptionalities across a range of learning experiences

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MA in Special Education

Discover the Master of Arts in Special Educationprogram. In this video, Reyna Sund, Director of Career and Alumni services, and Dr. Laurie Wellner, former Program Chair and Course Developer for the MA in Special Education, explains what you can expect to learn during this master program and how it will prepare you for a rewarding career in special education.

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