Putting Instructional Design into Action

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It goes without saying that we’re all different. Each of us receives, digests, and interprets information in entirely unique ways. Certain individuals favor written instruction, others prefer a graphic depiction of information. This consideration is especially important when it comes to communicating effectively within an organization. If attaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies of effective organizational instruction interests you, a degree in Instructional Design may be right for you.

What is Instructional Design?

Defined as “the systematic process by which instructional materials are designed, developed, and delivered,” instructional design plays a valuable role in nearly any trade (Instructional Design Central, 2017). Team members across industries must be effectively trained on all levels, whether employees are working hands-on with customers or top-level management is making strategic decisions for the entire business.

Instructional design plays a valuable role in nearly any trade.

What Will I Learn?

As a professional working in instructional design, you will learn to carefully analyze the learning styles that best suit a given individual or team, and the most effective way to provide instruction to them based on those needs. In doing so, you will assist organizations in facilitating efficient transfers of knowledge through a collaborative process, improving efficiency, consistency, quality, and teamwork. A degree in instructional design will also explore the world of e-learning, and the subsequent strategies and challenges to optimize the process of online education for all.

Furthermore, by studying instructional design, you will improve your understanding of personal communication, collaboration, and offering instruction. These skills will assist you not only in your line of work but will foster productive and positive communication beyond the workplace within your day-to-day life.

What Can I Do with an Instructional Design Degree?

A degree in instructional design could take you on many career paths. Whether putting your degree to use in human resources, educational training and development, or working as an instructional advisor, instructional design can be implemented within business, academia, non-profits, and much more. Learn more about current openings for instructional design professionals, courtesy of Instructional Design Central.

When you’re ready to take the next step toward becoming an instructional designer or you want to explore instructional design careers, find out more about a BA in Instructional Design.



Written by Elizabeth Howard, Communications Intern for Bridgepoint Education.


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