The Evolution of Technology in Higher Education

I was looking at an education infographic the other day that displays how students currently use technology in higher education. The stats are impressive. 86% have a laptop. 62% have a smartphone. 75% of students say that technology helps them achieve their academic outcomes. I showed it around and got the same response from my always-looking-forward colleagues – “Cool, but where will it go next?”



I started searching with a few thoughts in mind. First, there is new technology created every day. Second, over time, technologies change and (hopefully) get better. And finally, technology gets adopted for new uses. This last part is where education and technology can work together. At first, some ideas do not make sense for learning environments, but as they evolve, they can become the keys to next-generation higher education. However, I’m still looking beyond that to what is next. In doing so, I found another amazing education infographic. This smart graphic calls out all the major players in education and technology, as well as looks at their future into the year 2040.

In this chart, the audience moves from where “Technology is fixed and centralized” to a point where “Education becomes a continuous, interconnected effort.” Obviously, these are all estimates, but they are inspiring. As we’ve seen with online universities and distance learning, people are taking a shot at keeping up with the technology evolution. It’s exciting. I showed this new graphic around; my colleagues asked, “So it’s going to be 30 years until there is immersive virtual reality?”

Written by: Travis Taggart
Travis is a regular contributor to the Ashford University blog.

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