Understanding the Demand for Associate’s Degrees

By Ashford University Staff

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If you've been thinking of college but aren't sure if a four-year commitment is right for you, now could be a good time to consider the advantages of pursuing your online Associate's degree. An Associate's degree may be faster and more affordable than a traditional Bachelor's degree program, and is increasingly becoming a smart option for students looking to increase their skillset as they head into the workforce.

Stand Out from the Pack

In a competitive job market, having the right skills and credentials to stand out is important. The truth is that many jobs require some form of college education as a minimum qualification. Having a degree does more than demonstrate your knowledge and abilities to employers– it also increases your chance of being seen within a broad pool of applicants.

The good news is that not every job requires a Bachelor's degree. There are a number of professions in which a two-year Associate's degree serves as a suitable qualification. As the American economy becomes more complex and reliant on skilled workers, evidence suggests that job opportunities for holders of an Associate's degree are on the rise.

In addition to giving you specific skills that can be applied to specialized jobs in technical fields like health, construction, and other industries, earning your Associate's degree can send a powerful message to employers. The achievement demonstrates your willingness to invest in your own skillset, your initiative to strive for a goal and accomplish it, and your desire to separate yourself from the pack by continuing your educational journey.

Fast and Affordable

Another big advantage of pursuing your online Associate's degree is that it's designed to offer the fastest and most affordable path to a college diploma. Whereas a traditional Bachelor's degree program generally takes four years to complete, an Associate's degree may be earned in half the time which means less tuition. With fewer classes, an online Associate’s degree is great for someone who lacks the luxury or the desire to put off joining the workforce for a full four years.

Flexible Learning for Working Adults

Flexibility is another reason an online Associate's degree may be attractive, especially for working adults. At Ashford University, our online Associate's degree programs let you take one course at a time, so you can still focus on work, life, and family obligations while you're in school. Plus, unlike traditional campus-based programs, an online Associate's program (like you'll find at Ashford University) gives you the ability to access course materials, assignments, and discussions anytime, anywhere.

A final benefit to earning your Associate's degree with Ashford University is the ability to apply credits and courses toward a Bachelor's degree later. That way, you can work toward a college degree without the full commitment of a four-year program. Some graduates first spend time in the workforce before returning to school a few years later, while other graduates may transition directly into a Bachelor's program. Ashford University allows graduates of our Associate's degree programs to apply their credits toward earning one of our many Bachelor's degrees.

With the need for qualified workers on the rise, and as technology makes it easier than ever to earn your college degree online, there are plenty of reasons to pursue an online Associate's degree today. From students straight out of high school who are ready to test the college waters, to adults looking to add skills and experience later in life, the decision to pursue your online Associate's degree may be the perfect way to begin your journey to higher education.



Written by Ashford University staff


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