Want a Degree in Early Childhood Education? Consider These Degree Options.

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From being a parent or a caregiver, to providing mentorship and guidance, to becoming a classroom leader, there are many ways to positively impact the development and education of young children. If you find yourself drawn to roles like these and can see yourself in a position like a daycare provider, teacher’s assistant, paraprofessional, or childcare facility director, consider exploring different degree options related to early childhood education.

While education degrees can span a wide range of potential career options and outcomes, in this post we’ll focus on the bachelor’s degree options within early childhood education — the education and instruction which typically happens before a student enters the kindergarten classroom.

Early Childhood Education Degree

A bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) typically focuses on the education industry, emphasizing childhood development theories in order to provide students the foundation to create atmospheres that are nourishing, supportive, and constructive for young children. You may also have the opportunity to gain further expertise as you study early childhood education by adding a complementary minor, or specialization to your degree studies. For example, the Infant and Toddler Specialization could add the additional knowledge of topics such as social-emotional development, effective activities to promote language development, and behavior management in infants and toddlers to your toolkit. Ultimately, according to PreSchoolTeacher.org, those who practice early childhood education aim to produce environments that prepare a child’s social and cognitive skills for elementary school.

Early Childhood Education Jobs

While graduates with an ECE degree apply to a variety of positions, common careers that can be pursued are:

  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Daycare Provider
  • Recreation Coordinator

Early Childhood Education Administration Degree

Similar in many ways to a BA in Early Childhood Education, a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education Administration gives students the foundational knowledge of early childhood development principles, but also adds instruction around curricula development and program administration. This unique mix of study allows students to gain the skills needed to manage an educational organization.


Early Childhood Education Administration Jobs

With the additional coursework in organizational management and administration, graduates with a BA in Early Childhood Education Administration are often looking for positions similar to:

  • Childcare Facility Director
  • Preschool Owner
  • Head Start Component Coordinator
  • Early Childhood Consultant

Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction Degree

For individuals looking to further specialize in early childhood education, a degree in Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction is an intriguing option. This degree focuses on how to support education and development for diverse learners, striving to evolve the study of early childhood education to understand and support both typical and atypical childhood development.

Depending on what track is pursued, a specialization in Early Intervention may be layered onto the base coursework, providing further knowledge of how to support babies and toddlers who are exhibiting developmental delays. Alternatively, a specialization in Early Learning helps students learn how to maximize organic play into opportunities for learning.

Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction Jobs

With this specialized degree, graduates can focus their future careers on helping young children who may learn differently than their peers. This goal may come to fruition through a variety of positions, such as:

  • Instructional Aide
  • Teacher Aide
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Paraprofessional
  • Child Care Provider
  • Child Care Worker

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