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What is an Education Degree? The College of Education Infographic

Ashford University's College of Education: an introduction 

The world needs strong leaders to help the next generation fulfill its potential and achieve success. With the College of Education's multiple degree programs, students will learn how to shape and develop the minds of young people, as well as improve their own capabilities to help others accomplish great things. Ashford University offers an associate degree as well as several master's and bachelor's degree programs to prepare students for the invaluable role of shaping educational systems. With 16 programs offered at three degree levels, the College of Education can support you whether you have already begun your education career or are just starting out. 

What is an education degree, and is it right for me? 

If you love helping others grow socially and intellectually and are passionate about a specific academic subject, an education degree might just be for you. Combining the desire to share knowledge with the ability to create engaging lessons, a degree in education will help prepare you for a field that is fast-paced and changing constantly. 

Degrees available through the College of Education:
•    Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education
•    Bachelor of Arts in Child Development
•    Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Studies
•    Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction
•    Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
•    Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Administration
•    Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies
•    Bachelor of Arts in English Language Learner Studies
•    Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Design
•    Bachelor of Arts in Library Science and Media
•    Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction
•    Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Leadership
•    Master of Arts in Education
•    Master of Arts in Special Education
•    Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology
•    Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

Beyond the blackboard: jobs available with an education degree 

While an education degree is often correlated with a classroom setting, many professionals with degrees in education also work behind the scenes. The skills developed while obtaining a degree in education — such as the ability to communicate effectively, organize large groups, and analyze new information — are highly valued and transferable. A degree in education can lead to careers in administration, curriculum design, student counseling, education policy and research, childcare, adult education, and student recreation. 

Applying to the College of Education

To enroll in one of the 16 degree programs at the College of Education, you must first talk to an Ashford University enrollment services advisor to determine the best education degree program based on your goals. If you already know what you want to study, you can select your degree and start your application. 

Your College of Education journey begins once you submit your basic information, your chosen degree program, and details about your work and school history. You'll also need to review your financial options. 

As soon as you've submitted the application, things move forward quickly. Your advisor will stay in touch with you and you'll hear from the registrar’s office if they need any assistance with requesting the transcript from your previous school. 

Additionally, Ashford University is the exclusive national university partner of No Excuses University (NEU), a network of more than 200 K-12 schools, offering their teachers and parents the opportunity to be awarded one of two scholarships that can help finance their education. 

These scholarships include:
•    NEU Teacher Scholarship - Open to any current teacher in the NEU network, with the opportunity to have tuition and technology fees applied for one of the following graduate degrees:
•    Master of Arts in Education
•    Master of Arts in Special Education
•    Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology
•    Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education Leadership
•    Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

•    NEU Parent Scholarship – Open to a parent or guardian in the No Excuses University (NEU) network of schools. The scholarship will be applied to the tuition and technology fees for any undergraduate degree offered by Ashford University.

Learn more about these two scholarships here. 

NEU Scholarships

There are also a number of education-specific online clubs ideal for students of the Ashford College of Education. 

•    Early Childhood Education Club – A social site where early childhood education students can gather for additional opportunities for communication, personal development, and overall ECE community growth.
•    Instructional Design at Ashford (IDA) – Ashford’s student club dedicated to nurturing those who want to learn more about instructional design. 
•    Online Master of Arts in Education (MAED) – A gathering of Ashford’s MAED degree students interested in collaborating. 

The College of Education infographic 

Take a look at the College of Education infographic below for important statistics and information. In the 2014 academic year, 3,851 students graduated from the College of Education, and in 2015-2016 we achieved an 89% satisfaction rating from alumni. 

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Ashford University College of Education Infographic

Interested in a degree in education?

College of Education undergraduate courses take five weeks and graduate courses take six weeks to complete. They cover a wealth of topics, concepts, and theories, including:

• How culture and family structure influence communication in a child's environment
• Linguistic theories, the structure of English, and sociolinguistics
• Effective methods of communication, collaboration and partnerships with the community, colleagues, and related stakeholders
• Designing training and instructional interventions and assessments for location-based, online, and blended delivery
• Demonstrating knowledge of legal, ethical, fiscal, and program requirements in childcare settings
• Designing instructional interventions, modifying existing instructional materials, and developing specifications for media production

To learn more about the degree programs available at the College of Education, head to the degree page.

Ashford University College of Education degree program

Or talk to an Ashford University advisor who can help provide additional details on each degree program.

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