Which Education Degree Should You Pursue?

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Touching lives through education isn't just a profession– it's a calling. Whether you're driven to pursue a career in the classroom or to apply your skills behind the scenes, having the right educational background can put you on the inside track to achieving your dreams.

At Ashford University, students choose from a multitude of degree options within the College of Education that align with specific areas of interest within the broad field of education. Our graduates have gone on to pursue job opportunities in early-childhood education and caregiving, school administration, research, and more.

The Future of Learning

Technology is shaping the future of education. The power of technology both as a teaching and learning tool is profound. Ashford University places an emphasis on technology in education, because we know how vital it is to the future of our society.

Our Department of Technology and Innovation within the College of Education offers a range of bachelor's degree programs, while our Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology is designed for students who are truly dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge intersections of technology and education.

Flexible Online Education Degree Options

When reviewing the degree options within the College of Education, students should first determine what their career goals are. Knowing your job aspirations and understanding the differences between education degrees will help you chart your course toward a long and satisfying career in education.

Take advantage of Ashford University’s convenient and flexible learning environment, which allows you to take control of when, where, and how you learn. You'll have access to resources and peer communities such as the College of Education Undergraduate Club, where students exchange ideas, questions, tips, and support with fellow classmates and instructors.

Exceptional Faculty

Just like you, the faculty at Ashford University are dedicated to improving lives through education. You'll work with highly qualified instructors, many of whom possess terminal degrees in their field. Our faculty combine the best and latest in teaching methodologies with advanced technologies to create the most effective online learning experience possible.

If you're ready to put your passion for shaping future generations to work, start your journey with an online education degree from the Ashford University College of Education. Whether you've just earned your high school diploma or GED, or you're ready to progress further in your chosen field, there's never been a better time to learn and help others do the same.



Written by Ashford University staff

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