You Know You’re an Education Student When …

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Ashford University’s education degrees include diverse fields of study, with 16 available degree programs, including associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Education students may choose to focus on child development, education administration, library science, or curriculum and instruction, to name a few. Even with numerous options, education students generally are attracted to the field for similar reasons. Below are four core beliefs many of them share. If you identify with some of these, an education degree might just be right for you. You know you’re an education student when …

You Believe Impact is Important

Regardless of where they work, educators thrive on the opportunity to facilitate positive change within their environment. Teaching and training are just two of many examples of the opportunity. Some make an impact by designing more efficient curriculum. Others leave a legacy by simply listening, supporting, and being present. While students do not necessarily enter into this field for praise or acclaim, many educators affirm that gratitude is very much a meaningful reward for their inspiring dedication.

You’re Excited by Knowledge

The greatest educators are as enthusiastic to gain wisdom for themselves as they are to instill it in others. They are receptive to various methods of obtaining knowledge, be it through life experience, through other colleagues and students, or through ongoing education and advanced degrees. Some people might shy away from the vulnerability that comes with admitting insufficient comprehension on any given subject, but many educators see these knowledge deficits as opportunities for discovery. What is more, they recognize that any investment in their own personal intelligence or growth is likely to yield positive results when it comes to educating others.

The greatest educators are as enthusiastic to gain wisdom for themselves as they are to instill it in others.

You Understand that Adapting is Inevitable

Education is no doubt a valued tradition, but it is one that must constantly morph around shifting societal needs. This fact presents both challenging obstacles and exciting possibilities for educators. Take Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in English Language Learner Studies degree program, for example. Students in this program learn how to navigate complex, fluctuating terrain where language, culture, and education intersect. As our society becomes more inclusive and diverse, these educators ultimately help create an environment where all pupils can thrive. 

Your Communication is Key

In the same vein of adaptability, education students grasp the ever-expanding role of communication within their field. As educational institutions continue to incorporate technology-based learning into the foundation of their operations, personnel must learn how to effectively communicate not only with different types of learners, but also through various modes of communication. For example, Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in Library Science and Media is an exciting degree program that delves further into the best practices for curating and delivering information in today’s digital world. 

Is A Degree in Education Right for You?

If the above core beliefs resonate with you or your career ambitions, consider browsing Ashford University’s online education degrees. Whether you are furthering your already-established career, completely changing your field of employment, or just beginning your collegiate journey, Ashford University meets you where you are and provides convenient tools to help get you where you want to be.


Written by Ashford University Staff

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