National STEM Day

Join us for our first annual STEM Day!

national STEM day

Let's celebrate the past, present, and future contributions of our students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!

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Event Schedule

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9:00 am: Opening Keynote - Mark P. Mills
10 am: Citizen Science Scavenger Hunt - Start your hunt >>
10:30 am: Program Chair Panel Discussion
11:30 am: Website Design Competition - Get the competition details >>
12 pm: Ashford STEM Students Panel Discussion
1:30 pm: Ashford STEMTalk Competition - Get the competition details >> 
2 pm: Job Search Hints from Recruiter
3:30 pm: Award Celebration

9 am: Opening Keynote: Mark Mills – Work in the Age of Robots

Event Description:
Are robots finally replacing humans? Does the emerging age of artificial intelligence and automation mean we will soon see “peak jobs” and the need for a Universal Basic Income to support a widening swath of hapless citizens unsuited for employment in a primarily “knowledge” workforce? Improving productivity—reducing labor hours per unit of product or service—has been the hallmark of economic progress for centuries. But advances due to robots and AI, some say, will be fundamentally different because digital machines are ready to revolutionize the nature of work in nearly every sector, not just one or two. But the lessons of history and the realities of technologies suggest that, despite yet more disruption, the overall result will be net job gains and faster economic growth.
Based on Mark’s new book, Work in the age of robots. 

mark mills

Mark P. Mills

Mark P. Mills is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, partner in Cotton Venture Partners, a digital oilfield venture fund, and is a Faculty Fellow at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University. He writes the Energy Intelligence column for Forbes.com, and co-authored the book, The Bottomless Well, which rose to #1 in Amazon science. Mr. Mills was earlier a technology advisor for Bank of America Securities, a co-author of an energy-tech investment newsletter, served in the White House Science Office under President Reagan, and worked in his early career as a semiconductor development engineer and scientist.

10 am: Citizen Science Scavenger Hunt

Advisors: Clifford Blizard and Lisa Sims

Event Description:
Citizen science is science for everyone. It offers opportunities for volunteers to do real science -- gathering and analyzing data that are then used for actual scientific research. When data collection is crowdsourced, everyone wins: scientists are able to obtain massive data sets, spanning large regions or even the globe, while participants get to engage in the scientific enterprise, learning more about the world along the way. Some citizen science projects require fieldwork, such as testing water samples or recording daily weather data, while others are purely online and often involve interpreting images from wildlife cameras or satellites.  

In this scavenger hunt, participants will scan the web, gathering information about a vast array of citizen science projects -- what they involve and who can participate. They will use the information they gather to answer questions, and the answers will, in turn, provide pieces of a puzzle -- a message that can only be read when every question is answered. Who will finish first? Hopefully, this scavenger hunt will provide not only a bit of playful competition, but also a doorway into an amazing world of scientific opportunities for all of us. 

Start Your Hunt! >>

10:30 am: Program Chair Panel Discussion

Event Description: 
Join three program chairs from the Forbes School of Business & Technology as they discuss the STEM programs they oversee at Ashford University.

Dr. Ken Edick - Associate Dean, Forbes School of Business & Technology

ken edick

Dr. Stephanie Young Gonzaga
Dr. Karen Ivy
Dr. Nazila Safavi

11:30 am: Website Design Competition

Advisors: Dr. Amjad Alkilani, Dr. Jake Byun, Dr. Nazila Safavi, Dr. Amr Elchouemi

Event Description:
The Website Design Competition is designed to inspire students and to open doors to opportunities in the tech sector. The two-day competition is open to all students. During the competition, participants will work collaboratively to design a website that addresses a selected real world challenge. This competition is open to participants of all skill levels: those who haven’t programmed at all, those who are programming geniuses, those who have an eye in design and even product management. It will be a great day to learn, invent, and create the future. But not only that, you can use your innovative idea!

Competition begins: November 8, 2018 - 11 am PT
Competition ends: November 10, 2018 - 11 am PT

Read the Website Design Competition Details >>

12 pm: Ashford STEM Day Student & Alumni – Panel Discussion

Event Description: 
Join Dr. Karen Ivy as she talks with Ryan Garringer and Kyla Juniel, Ashford University graduates and IT industry professionals, about their experiences as students and professionals in the IT industry.

Dr. Karen Ivy - Associate Dean, Forbes School of Business & Technology

karen ivy

Ryan Garringer

ryan garringer

Kyla Juniel

kyla juniel

1:30 pm: Ashford University STEMTalk Competition

Advisors: Dr. Karen Ivy 

karen ivy

Dr. Trevor Belcher

trevor belcher

Dr. Pete Limon

pete limon

Event Description:
Ashford University STEMTalk is modeled on the work of TED and TEDx. Participants will develop and submit their STEMTalk video URL (5 minutes or less). The November 2018 STEMTalk winner(s) will be announced and interviewed during the November 8 Ashford University STEM Day event.

Competition begins: October 1, 2018
Competition ends: October 28, 2018

Read the STEMTalk Competition Details >>

2 pm: Job Search Hints from Recruiter

Event Description: 
Steve Carrillo is a Partner at New York Life Insurance Company and is still actively involved in the recruiting process. Join Steve as he offers his expertise and gives hints for job searchers.

Steve Carrillo

steve carillo

3:30 pm: Award Celebration

Event Description:
Join us for a final celebration of STEM and to find out the winner of the Citizen Science Scavenger Hunt!

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