When you teach, you are also constantly learning, and that is the beauty of this career in my opinion.

Avisha Sadeghinejad, DBA, MBA



Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad is the Program Chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing and the Bachelor of Arts in eMarketing in the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. She holds a Doctoral degree in business administration, with a specialization in marketing, from Golden Gate University. She received the Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Award from Ageno School of Business at Golden Gate University. Dr. Sadeghinejad also earned her MBA and BS in Mathematics from Sharif University of Technology. Her doctoral research looked at the role of different cultural orientations in women’s attitudes toward breastfeeding promotional campaigns. Her research areas are consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making, social marketing, cause-related marketing, sustainability, and green marketing.

Before joining Ashford, Dr. Sadeghinejad taught marketing, consumer behavior, and business courses at various BBA and MBA programs. She also worked as the marketing officer at a startup company, where she developed and implemented the strategic marketing plan with an emphasis on email marketing, video-email marketing, and marketing automation. In addition, she spent a few years in the food industry, where she did strategic marketing, brand management, market research and market analysis. Her role mostly involved the development and implementation of marketing plans and IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) plans. As a consumer behavior consultant, she pioneered her company’s first customer advocacy program.

Living and working in a few different countries has shown Dr. Sadeghinejad that the world is all about diversity in many ways, and that being open-minded, welcoming, and patient is the key to peace and success. “For a teacher, every day is different. When you teach, you are also constantly learning, and that is the beauty of this career in my opinion. I believe that passion and enthusiasm are contagious. If you are a teacher who is passionate about learning, you always learn with and from your students and also help them develop this passion by example. This positive loop reinforces itself and all you will see is energy, synergy, and progress.” For her students, she gives this advice: “Knowledge is the most precious treasure you can ever collect, so learn something new every day.” Dr. Sadeghinejad lives with her husband in San Diego, CA.

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Doctor of Business Administration
Golden Gate University
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Sharif University of Technology

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