Maja Zelihich

I hope to inspire my students the way I was inspired by my teachers - with my enthusiasm, professionalism, and academic excellence.

Maja Zelihic, PhD



Dr. Maja Zelihic is Program Chair for the Master of Arts in Organizational Management, in the Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University. She has a PhD in General Business with an emphasis in Organizational Management. In addition to being a program chair in the master's program, Dr. Zelihic is a Chair of Professional Development and Scholarship committee at Ashford University, which is a committee that recommends professional development content and provides recommendations concerning faculty research. She is a Communication Director of ABSEL (Association for Business Simulation & Experiential Learning).

Dr. Zelihic has published more than 20 articles in various refereed journals, such as, theSpringer’s Quality and Quantity Journal, Life Science journal, Journal of American Business Review, Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Global Business and International Management International Journal. She is an editorial advisory board member of The Journal of Global Business Management and a peer reviewer at the University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute and Journal for Excellence in Business Education.

To name just a few of her international presentation endeavors, Dr. Zelihic presented at the International Symposium of the New Technologies in Sports, delivering a lecture on sports management in April, 2011 in Sarajevo, Bosnia; 2015 IX International GUIDE Conference -Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2015 Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, Orlando, Florida; and she is a three time attendee and presenter at the Finance, Economics, MIS, & Global Business Research Conference, Miami, Florida. This year Dr. Zelihic is going to be presenting at the XI International GUIDE Conference and IX International EdTech IKASNABAR Congress in Madrid, Spain. In July 2016, Dr. Zelihich presented as the key speaker at the Economics, Finance, MIS & International Business Research Conference in London presenting her research on Biculturalism in the US workforce.

Some of her academic activities, aside from instruction, include serving as a Doctoral Chair, co-facilitation of faculty certification and mentorship programs, innovative technology development and application, course development, lecture taping, test bank creation, and newsletter committee forces. Dr. Zelihic enjoys doing research, specifically in the fields of online learning, biculturalism, marketing, conflict negotiation, business ethics, and management. In the last few years, Dr. Zelihic teaches a whole range of courses, some of which are, The Functions of Modern Management, Business Ethics and Responsibility, Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Business Research and Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making. She is also a host of bi-weekly research Think Tanks which attract a large body of Ashford faculty across several different colleges, including many associate faculty members that gather to become involved in developing research collaboration, sharing best teaching practices, and enhancing a sense of faculty community in an online setting.

Dr. Zelihic was recognized as one of the top 10 Forbes School of Business faculty members in 2013, recipient of the University Fellows grants award in 2014(as part of a team of four), and again the recipient of the University Fellows Grant award in 2016 as the principal investigator.

Dr. Zelihic says, “I can truly relate to the balancing act my students have to go through to manage their careers, their family obligations, and their desire to pursue higher educations because I had a similar educational journey. I am quite aware of what difference in a person’s life one’s educational experience may present. I realize how impactful I can be in my students’ lives if I go above and beyond in trying to assist them, help with their questions, and continue to provide my students with the much needed motivation. I hope to inspire my students the way I was inspired by my teachers - with my enthusiasm, professionalism, and academic excellence. Ashford’s faculty members have our student’s best interest in mind. We are here to help and they should never hesitate to contact us and discuss any questions they may have.” She lives in Jacksonville, FL with her spouse and two children – a boy and a girl.


Doctor of Philosophy, General Business Management
Capella University
Master of Business Administration
University of Phoenix
Bachelor of Arts in Communications
University of North Florida

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