Being an educator allows me to empower others and give them tools to transform their lives.

Elizabeth Skwiot, PhD



Dr. Elizabeth Skwiot is Lead Faculty in the Communication Arts department that is part of the Division of General Education at Ashford University. She earned both her PhD and Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature from University of California - Davis. Her Designated Emphasis on her doctorate degree was in Feminist Theory and Research. Dr. Skwiot completed her undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she received a Bachelor of Arts for her studies in Comparative Literature and Spanish. Her professional experience includes teaching English (composition and literature), Spanish (all levels of language, literature, and civilization), and Elementary Italian courses. She has taught at virtually every type of higher education institution, including state universities, liberal arts colleges, for-profit institutions, and technical schools. She says, “Being an educator allows me to empower others and give them tools to transform their lives. I always make a point to remind myself that on the other side of the name on the screen there is a living, breathing person with hopes, dreams, fears, challenges, and talent. Thus, I want to help students realize their potential in a way that is compassionate, but also compels them to work hard.” Dr. Skwiot worked as a circus performer in between pursuing her master’s and doctorate degrees.



Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature
Master of Arts in Comparative Literature
University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature and Spanish
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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