10 Resources for Nurses and Nursing Education

By bcummings

Nursing resources

Staying motivated outside of the classroom can be challenging -- especially if you aren't sure where to start. Nursing students and those already benefiting from their careers may find it hard to make time to look for valuable resources. Luckily, we're here to help. We've rounded up 10 nursing resources to help you stay on track, no matter if you're still in school or just keeping your knowledge fresh.

Learn more about the various aspects of the nursing experience while staying motivated throughout and after your degree program with this awesome list of nursing resources.

1. Nursing Books to Read

Nursing School Hub has an incredible list of 50 Books Every Nurse Should Read, including autobiographies from nurses who've seen and overcome the unimaginable, what to expect during your first year working as a nurse, and more. Check out this list to keep yourself inspired, even when you think you can’t handle the stress.

2. The Nursing Show Podcast

For a taste of everything related to nursing, listen to The Nursing Show by Jamie Davis, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS. Everything from news, tips and tricks, information, and nursing career interviews are discussed in easy-to-digest weekly episodes. Simply tune in while you cook, clean, or drive to learn a little more about almost every topic in the nursing field.

3. Johnson & Johnson Podcast

On this podcast, you'll find exclusive interviews, news segments, and panel discussions covering all different types of nursing topics from a brand you know and trust. Generally posted twice a month, Nursing Notes Live from Johnson & Johnson is great at providing relative information to help you in your career.

4. The Waiting Room Documentary from PBS

This fascinating documentary takes you behind the scenes of a waiting room in a busy California public hospital. The Waiting Room will give you an in-depth look at the experiences that both hospital staff and patients face to give you a unique perspective on current health care procedures and policies.

5. The Nerdy Nurse Blog

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about the nursing field from someone who's actually been there. Read up on The Nerdy Nurse to find information on nursing issues, the health care industry, nursing products and services, and even personal branding as an RN. Funny and relatable, this nurse is sure to help you stay motivated while you work toward your degree.

6. The New York Times Health Guide

The New York Times has a section dedicated to the many aspects of public health, helping you stay up to date on what's happening in the field now. Here, you'll find articles dedicated to heart health issues, diabetes, several types of pills, behavior of doctors and nurses, and much more. Read up on The NYTimes Health section to find out the popular topics being discussed in today's health care field.

7. Scrubs Magazine

In Scrubs Magazine, nurses can find hundreds of articles written specifically for them. It features topics like nursing careers, education, health, and buying the right nursing scrubs. Learn all you need to know to stay current on everything nursing related.

8. Nursing Jobs

Nurse.com lists nursing jobs that are available in specific areas, the qualifications you need for the position, and how you can apply. When you're ready to begin your career or switch positions, this resource will be a big help.

9. Nursing Specialties

Discover Nursing explains the various types of nursing specialties, including careers like critical care nursing, holistic nursing, and even a nurse attorney. Click on a specialty to learn more about it, plus what it takes for you to land that type of position. You can even filter the specialties by category, degrees and certifications, and job characteristics to find out which specialties would be a perfect fit for you.

10. Pinterest Nursing Page

Believe it or not, Pinterest can be a huge resource for nurses, too. Here, you can find things like scrub styles, how to exceed at nursing interviews, charts and infographics about common ailments, and more. Take some time to scroll through this page to find things that interest you, and pin them to your own dedicated nursing board for easy access!

From exceptional podcasts to inspirational reading lists, there are plenty of resources out there to help you flourish in your career as a nurse. If you’re just beginning your path to nursing, learn more about how you can get started on a degree program in nursing from Ashford University today. At our school, you’ll find helpful school advisors, tons of financial aid options, and plenty of resources to help you excel in your new career path.



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