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Keeping people healthy in today’s world can be a challenge. With so many new articles and data points coming out daily, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest information and alter your techniques to match current health facts and trends. If you’re ready to help make a change in this country’s health, check out Ashford’s list of the top 10 health education resources for both students and professionals. You’ll find sources that give you a unique perspective into the world of health care, plus the latest health education policies and practices to keep yourself current. Browse these resources now to find your favorites.

1. Informative Health Education Book

The book Who Will Keep the Public Healthy? Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century provides an interesting look into the history and current status of health care in the United States. This book can help you through your degree program and keep you motivated during your career.

2. The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions

This committee has jurisdiction over America's health care, education, employment, and retirement policies. Check out the senate's website for information on upcoming hearings, news from chairmen and ranking members, the latest committee actions, and more to stay updated on everything you need to know about current health education policies.

3. Health Documentaries on PBS

PBS is an incredible resource for those in the health care field. Check out their list of documentaries to learn more about topics like current health news, policies, updates, and several other on-trend health education topics.

4. US Health Care: The Good News Documentary

This documentary teaches you about current high-quality healthcare around the country. Specifically, US Health Care: The Good News looks at high-quality, low-cost areas of the US to find out how they are able to afford giving out medical services at such low prices. Viewing this documentary will provide you with motivation and insight to fight for quality healthcare, no matter where you are practicing.

5. The Waiting Room Documentary

This fascinating documentary takes you behind the scenes of a waiting room in a busy California public hospital. The Waiting Room relates the experiences that both hospital staff and patients experience in a waiting room to give you a unique perspective on current health care procedures and policies. Take a look to be more informed about what you may experience when you enter a career in health education.

6. Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast

The podcast Health Literacy Out Loud can help you learn more about health literacy, why it matters, and other important details through interviews with health literacy professionals.

7. Health Nutrition Podcast

The podcast Spear Speaks by nutritionist Kay Spears discusses important health issues seen today. Topics covered on the podcast include the standard American diet, the war on wheat, how to eat healthy on a budget, and more. Tune in to get detailed information about health education from an expert in the field.

8. SHAPE America's Podcast

The Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) has a great podcast that offers tons of advice on keeping the country healthy. SHAPE America's Podcast has guest speakers that talk about curriculum mapping for physical education in schools, types of professional development available to health educators, an in-depth look at what health literacy really means, and much more.

9. Health Education Textbooks and Articles

For a comprehensive list of textbooks and articles regarding health education, check out Questia. This resource provides an array of information about health education, from teaching the youth of the 21st century, to how technology is transforming both personal and public health. The reading materials listed on this site can complement your studies and even become strong resources for potential clients.

10. Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

This site provides extensive resources for you and your current or future patients. Find the latest news stories and updates on health education for yourself, plus resources and fact sheets you can give to your patients. Take some time to browse their Health Promotion and Health Education page to find relatable information, articles, data, facts, tip sheets, toolkits, and more.     

If you’re just getting into your health education degree, these resources can offer greater detail of what you can expect when you enter the field, no matter if you’re entering a private practice or clinical environment. If you’re already well into your career, these resources will keep you inspired and determined to deliver the best care to your patients. You’ll be able to offer the latest news and information to everyone who enters your office, ensuring them that you stay current and on top of your game. Take some time to browse through these sources to find ones that will help further your career and help your patients the most.



Written by Ashford University staff

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