Top Jobs & Fast-Growing Careers in Health Care

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Careers in Health Care

From medical administrators to information technicians, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that health career careers will continue to be hot tickets through at least 2022, growing at a faster clip than the job market as a whole.

The expected growth will continue a trend that’s gone on for a number of years, as administrative changes in our health care system, coupled with an aging population and an emphasis on preventative care, have created jobs for those with the right education and desire.

How can you take advantage of the wealth of new health and wellness jobs? Here are a few fast-growing health care careers.

Health information management

The computer age has impacted the health care system just as it has the rest of society, but with one crucial difference. Privacy concerns are paramount here, more so than in any other industry with the possible exception of banking and finance. Health information technology experts must be just as well versed in laws and ethics as they are in systems and code.

It’s possible to learn those things on the job, but increasingly health care organizations prefer graduates with health information management degrees who are ready to work from Day 1.

Health care administration

Today’s hospitals and clinics are complicated businesses. Many are large corporations that require organization, strategic planning, leadership, and management skills at the top. The field of health care administration is highly specialized, requiring business knowledge as well a deep understanding of policy and programs.

A bachelor’s degree in health care administration can help job seekers gain entry, though someone who wishes to advance might need a master’s degree.

Health education

From public agencies to private companies, health educators are in demand. These positions involve teaching people about behaviors that promote wellness, from more healthful eating to diet and exercise. Many corporations hire health educators in an effort to cut insurance costs and help employees, while insurance companies, in turn, hire health educators to reduce claims and improve customers’ well-being.

A health education degree can give you access to positions in all these settings. There are also potential jobs with advocacy groups and health departments, too. A degree in health and wellness can also help graduates find jobs in corporate wellness departments or with community organizations.

Complementary health

Increasingly, many people are turning to alternative health care for help with chronic problems or for prevention. A good program in complementary and alternative health care exposes students to traditional practices such as Chinese medicine, herbal remedies, acupuncture, and more. It explores the connections between spirituality and healing, and prepares future practitioners to work with issues such as physical rehabilitation and substance abuse.

Today’s health care careers include far more than clinical positions. Whether your talents lie in administration or you have a passion for teaching, you can find an exciting career in the modern health care industry.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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