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If you're reading this article, you probably already understand how big an impact technology has on our lives. From how we learn to how we work, pay bills, consume entertainment, and even interact with each other, there's almost no aspect of our lives that modern technology doesn't touch.

Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in the world of jobs and the economy. Technology has made organizations more connected and agile than ever before – but the technologies that power our businesses and stimulate global markets are only as reliable as the people who use and develop them. As a result, modern organizations count on qualified professionals who know how to design, administer, and maintain the complex technological systems that form the backbone of our modern economy to help drive their businesses forward.

An online information technology degree can be your chance to join this highly skilled and sought-after workforce. If you've been thinking of a career in IT, having the right educational background can really help you stand out. Learn about the different online IT degree programs and the jobs they can lead to at Ashford’s Online Information Technology Degrees page.

What You'll Find on our IT Degrees Page

Check out the information on the Ashford University website for details on what to look for in your ideal online information technology degree program, including the available majors and specific courses you can take.

You can also learn about the different kinds of careers that individuals with an online information technology degree end up pursuing. From support specialists to systems trainers, business analysts, and more, there's a huge diversity of roles, positions, and working environments that are suited to today's technology degree holders.

These degrees are designed to prepare you for a career in public or private organization, in-house or outsourced-services firm, user-facing or in backend development, and more. Given all the different kinds of businesses that rely on technology for general use and industry-specific needs, your day-to-day role as an information technology professional may ultimately be shaped by the industry you choose to work in or support.

The sheer size and rapid growth of the IT industry means there are jobs out there for tech savvy professionals, but there are also a lot of job-seekers. It's important to find the right degree program to help you develop the specific skills, capabilities, and understanding that you need to succeed in your chosen career and get a true leg up on the competition.

To decide which technology program is best for you, take a look at Ashford's Online Information Technology Degrees page. Discover the right online technology degree program to help you enter a growing field that's already shaping our present and directing the future of our economy and society.



Written by Ashford University staff

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