How to Build a Foundation in Information Technology

By Ashford University Staff

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Business today moves at the speed of technology– as do the systems and people who serve as the backbone for today's most complex and data-hungry organizations. Put yourself on the cutting edge of critical business and technology solutions with an online Information Technology Degree from Ashford University. Whether you're plotting the first moves in your chosen career path, or you're ready to take an existing IT career to the next level, an online degree in information technology from Ashford can give you the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to make your mark in this exciting and fast-paced industry.

A Solid IT Foundation

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems at Ashford University is an excellent program to kick start your career in IT and develop your foundational understanding of how information systems integrate with business goals. You'll learn the fundaments of planning, deploying, and managing effective information systems solutions, giving you the skills you need to enter this highly technical and complex environment.

Ultimately, what separates an Ashford University online IT degree from other programs is our emphasis on business strategy and integration. Students don't just learn the nuts and bolts of information systems– they also learn how these systems can directly impact and drive business objectives. Our Bachelor's degree coursework exposes students to bedrock business topics including economics, business law, procurement, and strategic planning, to pinpoint how certain technologies can best support them. You'll be equipped with critical business skills that can make you more than a supporting player in the strategic success of an organization.

Elevate Your Career

As in many fields, one of the best ways to give your career a boost in IT is with the added skills and credentials that a graduate degree provides. While society and the economy's increasing reliance on technology means that the opportunities and applications for IT jobs are ever-expanding, this added demand can mean that more qualified individuals are entering the job market. A master's degree could help you stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

Our Master of Information Systems Management degree program is designed to prepare you for a leadership role within organizations that rely on complex information technology systems to achieve their business objectives. In this program you'll be able to hone your analytical and critical thinking skills, integrate your IT and business understanding, and position yourself to manage the people and technologies that are essential to large-scale, information-dependent organizations.

Careers in IT

There are information technology careers within virtually every industry today. As local, national, and global economies become increasingly connected (and as businesses turn to data and technology-driven solutions to meet their goals) the demand for capable IT professionals will continue to grow. Whether you plan on pursuing a career as a developer, support specialist, technology consultant, or IT manager, having the right skills and training is required for success in this competitive arena.

The power of technology is already changing the way we live, play, and work, and will only continue to do so in the future. Harness that power with an online Information Technology degree from Ashford University, and prepare to participate in the ongoing revolution that will shape the face of business for years to come.


Written by Ashford University staff


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