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Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Pursue career success in a broad range of fields with your Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Ashford University. Discover the structure of language, how it is learned, the uses of computer-mediated communication, and the language-related social issues that impact individuals and policy. In the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics degree program, you will identify, investigate, and offer solutions to language-related, real-life problems. Students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to address language-related issues, thereby improving the lives of individuals and conditions in society.

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What you will learn

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics prepares you to address such issues as: how language can best be learned and taught, social factors that affect language learning and usage, language-related social issues and how they impact public policy, and how technology and language acquisition are intersecting in the 21st century. Upon completion of your Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics degree program, you will be able to:

  • Examine the overall theories and purposes of linguistic study and research
  • Analyze how language is acquired
  • Predict the use of language-related technologies and their impact on professions
  • Assess the interdisciplinary connections between language, culture, and community
  • Analyze the principles and processes of Linguistics fields, such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, computational/corpus linguistics, and historical linguistics
  • Interpret the policy issues and sociological aspects of applied linguistics
  • Develop a capstone research paper exemplifying the ability to apply theoretical knowledge, and research, and technological skills in preparation for a career in the field

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Your Courses in Applied Linguistics

Your online coursework covers both the theory and the practical applications of linguistics. The program provides a broad curriculum in the fundamentals of linguistics and its sub-fields, including phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, language acquisition, socio-linguistics, discourse analysis, and computational and corpus linguistics.

Introductory Courses
To help students acclimate to the online classroom, you may be required to complete Introductory Course requirements. Learn more about Introductory Courses.

Major Course Requirements (36 credits, all courses are 3 credits.)

BA in Applied Linguistics

Discover the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics. In this video, Dr. Adrianne Hanson, Program Chair of the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics, explains what you can expect to learn during the degree program and how it will prepare you for a rewarding career in applied linguistics.

Careers in Applied Linguistics

Articulate your success with your Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics. Take a look at your potential career options.

Applied Linguistics Careers

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