Discover the Benefits of a Bachelor of Arts in History

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If you have a passion for American and world history or you are intrigued by events from the past, you may be a perfect fit for the Bachelor of Arts in History at Ashford University.

Steeped in a broad curriculum, this online degree program explores multiple regions and cultures, while also helping you to position yourself for a profession in an array of fields.


An online degree from Ashford University is tailored to individuals who have a lot on their plate. The courses and curriculum are designed so that your life doesn’t have to take a back seat in order for you to continue your college education.

Each course in the Bachelor of Arts in History program is five weeks long and the online classroom gives you the ability to go to class when it’s convenient for you. This innovative format puts you in the driver’s seat, and lets you take control of your education.

Paying for college is at the forefront of many students’ minds, and rightfully so. This financial decision is a major undertaking. Thankfully, Ashford has you covered with several different payment options. After you’ve enrolled, your Financial Services Advisor or Student Advisor will walk you through each step of the process and answer your questions.


The Bachelor of Arts in History is filled with a diverse selection of courses that include social studies, the exploration of multiple regions and cultures, and a research-focused capstone.

Topics include the American Constitution, women’s history, world civilizations, historical methodologies, decolonization and globalization, and much more. You’ll be happy to know that a dedicated staff of faculty members will be guiding you through each one of the courses in this degree program.


There can be multiple benefits to earning a Bachelor of Arts in History from Ashford University. One of them being that you can gain a much stronger understanding of the world you live in. By learning about the complex issues of our world, you’ll be able to demonstrate your comprehension of the evolving forces that continually shape modern life.

Another benefit to earning your history degree is that you could position yourself for a new career in a field that interests you. Instead of working for a company and performing a job that doesn’t align with your interest, a Bachelor of Arts in History can potentially open doors that lead to a new and exciting career.


As a liberal arts major, you’ll have a diverse selection of careers from which to choose. With your degree in history, you may be able to pursue a career as a researcher, archivist, or curator. Check out some of the other career options available to history graduates.

The Bachelor of Arts in History presents you with multiple professional pathways and can lead to some pretty exciting and new opportunities. Explore all of the possibilities that can come from an online degree from Ashford University, and discover what a Bachelor of Arts in History can do for you and your career.



Written by Ben Cummings, Digital Marketing Specialist for Bridgepoint Education



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