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Ashford University prepares students who earn their degree from the College of Liberal Arts to enter diverse industries and work environments, from the public sector and government agencies to private organizations large and small. Whether you're interested in humanities disciplines like English and communications or social science fields like psychology and criminal justice, our new College of Liberal Arts page has all the critical data and insights you need to make an informed decision about your unique education goals and future.

Exploring the Liberal Arts

Ashford University has a range of distinct liberal arts degree programs designed to launch your professional and educational development based on your specific goals. As you get ready to take the next step in your educational journey, take the time to explore Ashford's College of Liberal Arts page to learn about the diversity of degree programs and resources we offer. You'll meet our faculty and deans and learn key facts and figures about our liberal arts degree programs, alumni satisfaction, and graduation rates.

You can also dive deeply into the specific degrees we offer. Use the convenient filters on our Degrees page to view the degree options within the College by program level or area of interest, and then click into each degree program to learn key details about program length, course requirements, career opportunities, and more.

The liberal arts programs expose students to a broad array of perspectives and approaches, while cultivating the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that today's employers want. Ashford's College of Liberal Arts honors and enhances this tradition, by providing a well-rounded education that's supported by cutting-edge tools and technology. Our programs prepare students to meet today's challenges and seize tomorrow's opportunities.

Read and Be Read

Ashford's Forward Thinking blog is a hub of information on recent developments in the liberal arts, education, and technology, while the Ashford Humanities Review and Ashford's literary journal, The Ash, let our liberal arts students share ideas and spark dialogue in the broader community. The new College of Liberal Arts page offers information on these publications, along with a rotating selection of articles that are relevant to liberal arts students and professionals.

As you prepare to follow your personal and career goals, it's vital to realize that the confidence and capabilities you gain from a quality education are more important now than ever. Visit the all-new College of Liberal Arts page at, and discover how to turn your passion for learning into a life full of achievement.



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