Is a Degree in Liberal Arts Still Valuable?

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The cornerstone of a well-rounded college education, the liberal arts have long been a popular course of study for traditional and online students alike. Not only does a liberal arts degree program expose you to the breadth of human history and accomplishment, it also prepares you for success in a number of fields by imparting a broad range of transferable skills that employers and organizations value.

Given the general popularity of the liberal arts, there is no shortage of programs that provide either a solid foundation or the opportunity for deeper study. So, why should you consider earning your online liberal arts degree from Ashford University? Read on to find out.

Learning Where and When It Works for You

Earning your liberal arts degree online from Ashford University is different from a traditional brick-and-mortar college experience. Unlike schools that expect you to juggle three or more courses each set semester, Ashford's programs let you concentrate on a single course at a time – and with an accelerated course format, you get to choose the pace you take to graduation. The flexible yet intensive design of our online learning experience lets students dig deeply into the subjects they love, while actually making it easier to focus, learn and succeed.

You'll also enjoy 24/7 access to course materials and discussions via our advanced online portal, and you can take all of your course materials wherever you go with the Ashford Mobile application for your smartphone or tablet device. Your immersive, fully connected online learning experience is built upon in-depth, personalized interactions with your instructors and fellow students, all designed to accommodate your life and your schedule.

Engaging Courses, Exceptional Faculty

The liberal arts degree programs at Ashford University contain some of our most popular and engaging courses. You'll have the opportunity to learn about fascinating subjects while developing well-rounded analytical and communications skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Do you love film, literature, or history? Interested in learning about World War II or environmental sustainability? The topics you'll find within the different liberal arts majors at Ashford are as diverse as our student population is.

No matter what course of study you choose, at Ashford you'll learn from highly qualified faculty who care deeply about our students and their success. Your instructors will be there for you every step of the way, providing guidance and feedback through effective tools and applications that are designed to support ongoing engagement, accessibility and human interaction. Take a moment to get to know the liberal arts faculty at Ashford University, and discover the wealth of experience and knowledge they bring to each and every class.

A Degree You Can Use

As popular as the liberal arts are, it's also important to note that study of the field's foundational concepts and techniques develops skills that continue to be highly sought after among employers. Your ability to think deeply and critically, to work closely with others across a range of cultures and backgrounds, and to communicate ideas effectively and efficiently will all be improved. In a constantly evolving job market where tomorrow's jobs are far from certain, it can be comforting to know that the broadly applicable capabilities instilled by the liberal arts will likely always be in demand.

Put your passions to work and take advantage of a whole new way of learning by earning your liberal arts degree online from Ashford University. With amazing courses and top faculty, our degree programs represent an unparalleled commitment to giving students the tools they need to succeed within our programs and in the world at large.



Written by Ashford University staff

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