Liberal Arts Inspire the Future

Liberal Arts Inspire

In an increasingly connected and complex world, employers today value the ability to think critically, analyze challenges from multiple perspectives, and arrive at creative solutions. The wide-ranging curriculum of a liberal arts education is designed to provide key skills for career success in today's world. With information and techniques from diverse humanities disciplines such as English, music, mathematics, and the social sciences, the liberal arts are the foundation for a well-rounded educational experience that you can apply in a range of fields.

Choosing a liberal arts degree program will expose you to a wide variety of cultures, concepts, and areas of practical knowledge, while simultaneously developing critical and analytical skills that can serve your personal and career ambitions for a lifetime. Explore the College of Liberal Arts page at Ashford University today to discover which educational path is right for you.

What's Your Passion?

When you work toward a liberal arts degree online, you have the opportunity to pursue your passions while making an investment in your future. Do you love literature and language, or do you prefer history and politics? Maybe you're motivated by ideals of social justice or environmental causes. Whatever drives you, you can find the online liberal arts degree program that aligns with your passions at Ashford University.

Students in the College of Liberal Arts aren't limited to courses within their particular major. Ashford lets you apply a range of elective and transfer credits toward your degree requirements. Our flexible program means you're not just enabled, but also encouraged to enhance your understanding of the world and develop skills that are relevant to today's workforce. You'll have access to quality instructors and course offerings that let you experience the full spectrum of what a liberal arts education can offer.

Putting Your Liberal Arts Degree to Use

When it comes to applying your liberal arts degree after graduation, the options are as broad as your potential areas of study. Some alumni seek employment in fields that align directly with their majors. A degree in social and criminal justice or law enforcement administration for example, can often serve as a stepping stone to employment in a corresponding field. Other students market their liberal arts education toward a range of professional environments or pursue opportunities in academia, public service, graduate school, and beyond.

The great thing about earning a liberal arts degree from Ashford University is the number of ways you can apply it after graduation. It's important to remember that matching your liberal arts degree to a job is about aligning your newly honed skills and capabilities with an employer's needs and choosing a major that corresponds with an industry that you're truly interested in.

Unique Benefits of an Ashford Education

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar schools, Ashford University's online degree programs are designed to help give you the flexibility to learn when, where, and how it suits you best. Our accessible online programs also expose you to modern tools and technology that can enhance your professional portfolio.

Our liberal arts students have the opportunity to contribute to Ashford University's literary journal, The Ash, and the Ashford Humanities Review, which compiles original, critical essays from students in areas they're passionate about. Collaboration and clear expression are critical components of the Ashford University experience, since they are essential to both effective education and successful employment.

Studying the liberal arts can be a satisfying and eye-opening experience for any student. Discover all the subjects you can explore in Ashford University's College of Liberal Arts today, and put your passions and curiosity to work.



Written by Ashford University staff.

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