The True Meaning of a Modern Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal Arts

Some people are problem solvers. They're critical thinkers. They enjoy looking at issues from multiple angles and acquiring a diversity of knowledge and skills that allows them to adapt and be effective in any situation.

If these descriptions match you, an education in the liberal arts could be a perfect fit. Covering a broad range of subjects intended to broaden your understanding of the world and your ability to solve problems, online liberal arts degree programs are a great way for versatile students to learn how to apply their inter-disciplinary interests and aptitudes to positions across a full spectrum of potential industries and careers.

Sound interesting? Learn more about what an online liberal arts degree program can do for your education and your future by visiting Ashford’s Online Liberal Arts Degrees page. This new resource clearly breaks down what majors you can choose from, the types of courses you can take, the kinds of careers you can pursue, and more.

The Meaning of an Online Liberal Arts Degree

You may have heard the term used before, but exactly what are the liberal arts? Generally, a liberal arts education encompasses humanities disciplines such as English, music, and philosophy, along with mathematics and social sciences like psychology, sociology and economics.

One of the great benefits of enrolling in a robust online liberal arts degree program is the ability to choose from a large variety of majors to find one that matches your own personal interests. You can also take elective classes that provide a focused track or a more diverse exposure to the many disciplines that make up the liberal arts as a whole.

Putting a Liberal Arts Degree to Work

By design, a liberal arts degree is intended to expose you to different facets of human interests and achievement, giving you an adaptable set of capabilities that can be applied in any number of careers. When it's time to look for work, finding a great job as a liberal arts major is all about lining up your passions with an ever-evolving economy and marketing your adaptability, critical thinking skills, and diverse background as an asset to potential employers.

Students who receive their Bachelor's from an online liberal arts degree program like Ashford's often look for jobs in business, education, social and public service, and just about every other field you can imagine. Many students choose a liberal arts major with a vocational focus like journalism to prepare for a specific career. A liberal arts degree can also make a great springboard to a Master's degree in your specific field of interest, which can further broaden your career prospects.

As today's economies and industries become more complex, the ability to think creatively and address business challenges from a unique perspective becomes more and more valuable. Broaden your view of the world and grow your professional skill-set with the solid foundation that a strong online liberal arts degree program provides. Take a look at the Online Liberal Arts Degrees page and discover the world of possibilities that's waiting for you.


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