English Language Learner Courses at Ashford University

Share your love of the English language with the world. These 11 courses are the core of Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in English Language Learner Studies program. Through your ELL classes, you will explore concepts beyond the spoken word, with courses in reading and writing comprehension, grammar, and evaluation.

English Language Learner Class Descriptions and Credit Information

ELL 240 Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Learners

3 Credits

This course explores strategies and techniques to support the success of language and culturally diverse students. The values, customs, and communication styles of cultural groups and their implication for teaching are considered. Research-based instructional approaches to developing English learner literacy will be examined.

ELL 242 Understanding & Teaching English Language

3 Credits

In this course students will study the structure of the English language in order to better understand the difficulties that arise in learning a second language. English phonology, syntax, analysis, and application of linguistic theory will be studied.

ELL 351 Listening & Speaking in a Second Language

3 Credits
The stages of language development as well as ideas and strategies to enhance oral language learning and acquisition in the classroom will be applied in this course. Theories and methods of teaching language as communication in oral and aural modes will also be applied.

ELL 353 Reading & Writing in a Second Language

3 Credits

The relationship between first and second language comprehension as well as the reading comprehension and writing connection will be explored in this course. The use of differentiated literacy instruction for English Language Learners will be the central focus.

ELL 354 Grammar in a Second Language

3 Credits

This course will provide students with foundational knowledge of how and why English grammar is necessary for teaching the four language skills, and recognizing and correcting student errors. This course provides students with an overview of English grammar and strategies for implementing grammar instruction. Students will critique lesson plans in terms of best practices, and create their own lesson plans for specific student populations by applying their knowledge of English grammar and language pedagogy.

ELL 355 Methods, Materials, & Technology for Learning a Second Language

3 Credits

Strategies for English Language Learners in the content areas while maintaining a language development focus will be illustrated. Specific strategies, materials, technology, and learning activities will be examined to support learning.

ELL 357 English Language Teaching & Adult Learners

3 Credits

Theory and methodology applicable to English language instruction are integrated in the context of working with adults. Materials and methods suitable for working with adult English learners will be explored and evaluated in this course.

ELL 497 English Language Learner Studies Capstone

3 Credits

This is the capstone course for the English Language Learner Studies major, to be taken at the completion of the major courses. This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course of study for English Language Learners studies in a comprehensive manner. Students will reflect on the courses taken and develop an understanding of the Teachers of English to Other Language Speakers (TESOL) standards and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards, developmentally appropriate practices based upon language development research, and professionalism. This course will culminate with a comprehensive final project that integrates the student learning throughout the program. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the General Education Capstone course.