Introductory Courses

All Undergraduate students are required to successfully complete the Student Success Orientation prior to enrolling in credit-bearing coursework at Ashford University if they: Students who have successfully completed online coursework at Ashford University are exempt from the orientation requirement. Following successful completion of orientation, students are required to successfully complete EXP 105.

  • have zero (0) traditional college-level transferable credits at the time of application;
  • are under the age of 22 and have 0-19 transferable credits; or
  • are enrolled in an Associate’s degree program.

Student Success Orientation

The orientation is designed to provide students with a complete overview of the Ashford University experience, prepare them for success in their courses, and help them to self-evaluate their readiness to succeed in an online classroom setting. Students will be instructed on Ashford University policies and the learning resources that are available to them through interactive videos and assessments. Students enrolled in orientation must successfully complete all assigned activities.

EXP 105 Personal Dimensions of Education

 This course is designed to help adult learners beginning their university studies to achieve academic success. Students will explore learning theories, communication strategies, and personal management skills. Adult learners will develop strategies for achieving success in school and work. Students will also be introduced to the University's institutional outcomes and learning resources. A minimum grade of C- is required to successfully complete the course.