3 Benefits of Honors College

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If you’re a high-achieving student with the GPA to back it up, you may be eligible for all the advantages and prestige that comes with being accepted into Ashford University’s Honors College. The Honors College offers students an opportunity to complete a series of advanced coursework in addition to your chosen program of study. The expectations are significant, but so are the benefits.

What are the Benefits of an Honors College?

If the opportunity to secure bragging rights with an Honors College designation on your diploma isn’t enough to convince you, consider these material advantages of the online Honors College at Ashford University.

Challenging Curriculum

As a student who has worked hard for your GPA, you can look forward to taking courses with learning outcomes that focus on leadership and teamwork, innovative approaches to problems, interpreting global issues, and evaluating impact of civic engagement. Choose between two Honors Course sequences with either three or six courses. Only your fellow Honors College peers are invited to take these courses, meaning you’ll be tackling leadership, innovation, global perspective, and civic responsibility alongside Ashford’s best and brightest!

Elevated Support

Along with the wealth of support in the form of peer-to-peer CHAMPS mentoring and professors who want to connect with you, as a student in the Honors College, additional support is available to you:

  • Collaborative and holistic support team consisting of a Student Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor, and Career & Alumni Advisor who are dedicated to your continued success and professional development
  • Access to an Ashford faculty member who will serve as your mentor
  • A dedicated phone line to contact Honors advisors when you need them

Career Opportunities

Ashford already provides many resources to expand your career as an online student, but did you know that Honors College students have access to exclusive opportunities? Whether you seek advice from Career Services or want to pursue networking opportunities, the Honors College offers additional means for enhancing your career during and after your time as a student. Some opportunities include:

  • An invitation to join an exclusive college community group within AU Connect, Ashford’s online alumni community
  • Access to a member’s only Honors College social platform where students can interact and build their professional network
  • An Honors College identifier on your transcript and diploma so you can show your potential employer your quality and dedication

Forbes Networking

The Forbes School of Business & Technology™ offers more than just coursework. Students in the Honors College enjoy many benefits such as access to the Forbes Distinguished Speaker events and networking groups.

Whether you’re just beginning your time with Ashford or are a seasoned student, consider working hard to meet the criteria for qualification and earn the recognition of an Honors College student. Visit the Honors College page to learn more.



Written by Ashford University Staff

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