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Tanish Neal, 3 Scholars

You first met the 3 Scholars in the summer of 2017. Tanisha, Myke, and Gerri’s story of friendship showed us all the power of connecting and symbolized support in the online classroom. Their story has continued past graduation, past their reunion, and into their current endeavor—pursuing their PhDs in Organizational Development and Leadership together at University of the Rockies. So who are the 3 Scholars? It’s time to get to know each pillar of the impressive trio with three questions each. Tanisha begins by telling us about her journey.

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1. How Did You End Up at Ashford?

“I chose Ashford University for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees because of the programs that were offered as well as the convenience. I decided to obtain my bachelor’s degree when I was 30 years old. I had been living in Atlanta, Georgia for two years and decided it was time to Tanisha and familytake my career more seriously. I received my BA in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Organizational Leadership. I then immediately enrolled for my MA in Organizational Management with a specialization in Project Management. While obtaining my master’s degree, I gave birth to my son. I went into the hospital to have him on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. That Thursday, I remember logging into my classroom to post an assignment. I was determined to finish the program while I was on maternity leave.”

2. What’s Changed Since Earning Your Degree?

“During my interview with my current company, I was told how impressed they were with me. My new manager asked me questions about Ashford University because she said that it provided me with a great education. My manager is considering going to Ashford to obtain the same degree. I am currently enrolled in the PhD program at University of the Rockies with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I feel that my career now has endless opportunities thanks to the knowledge I gained from Ashford University.”

3 Scholars

3. What Advice Do You Have for Others?

Tanisha“I hope that my story inspires anyone who wants to return to school. It does not matter your age, or what you have going on in your life. Ashford University wants you to be successful. The staff and faculty have always been extremely helpful any time I reached out for assistance. If you choose to become an online student, you must be disciplined. You have to log into your class and submit your assignments on time. If you need help, utilize the numerous resources that are available. Finally, visit the Ashford Café in your classrooms. Use the platform to make friends and begin networking.”

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Written by Tanisha Neal and Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education

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