4 Ways to Have School Spirit When You Attend School Online

college students at graduation taking a selfie

Think back to high school. Sports games, pep rallies, and your school’s mascot may be some of the first memories that come to mind. All of these things likely fueled the sense of school pride that you and your peers felt.

School spirit is an essential part of any academic experience and helps online students feel more connected to the educational journey. You probably remember the students at your high school who all but bled school colors. A sense of school spirit can come naturally to most students who attend a physical campus. While online students may need more of a push to feel that burst of pride, you shouldn’t let the distance of your learning keep you from reaping the benefits of school spirit.

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, having school spirit correlates positively with being an all-around good student. Compared to other students, those with great school spirit tend to be more involved with their school, have greater academic success, and are happier in general. This winning formula can be applied to the online student as well. Follow these tips to maintain enthusiasm and help you succeed throughout your online educational journey.

Wear School Colors

Nothing says school spirit like donning your school colors. Deck yourself out next time you take a test or check in for class. It will get you into school mode and make you feel a greater sense of belonging to the university.

Share Selfies

Another great way to build your school spirit is by sharing photos of yourself studying, working on homework, or doing anything related to your studies. Bonus points if you sport your university’s gear or colors. Search the hashtag #MyAshfordU on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see your fellow Ashford students showing their school pride.

Join a LinkedIn Group

Dedicated LinkedIn groups for alumni, veterans, colleges, departments, and degree programs help you network with peers and learn more about career opportunities and extracurricular activities. LinkedIn groups are a great way to not only build camaraderie and school pride but also a great way to expand your network post-education.

Be a Mentor

Having a mentor helps you in many ways, and being a mentor can be equally rewarding. Our CHAMPS (Collaborative, Holistic, Academic Mentoring for Peer Success) program matches new students with more seasoned learners who’ve been through similar experiences and can offer guidance. Mentors help newcomers navigate the world of online education, give them tips for success, and help them feel more connected to the university. Whether you’re interested in being a mentor or a mentee, getting involved in CHAMPS is a great way to build your own school spirit while also helping someone else build theirs.

Enthusiasm for your school isn’t something you can force. It grows naturally through active participation and genuine connections. While it might take a little extra effort to foster this growth as an online student, having a strong sense of school spirit will help make your academic experience more successful and enjoyable.



Written by Stephen Hinkle, Communications Specialist for Bridgepoint Education.

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