Ashford Students Thank Their Family Support Systems

By bcummings

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Going back to school can sometimes be rough. Paper due dates pile up on top of the growing piles of laundry around your house. Late nights at the office to meet deadlines turn into all-nighters to study for a big test. Your child’s school pick-up line turns into the place where you cram in reading assignments. Juggling “real life” and your studies is a task of precision and skill, and it can occasionally feel like a circus act that you may just not pull off. 

But, you’re not alone! Year after year, course after course, day after day, most of Ashford’s students – along with anyone pursuing their higher education – have felt the pressure to succeed and not drop the ball at one time or another. So, what do you do when you’re starting to feel the Monday Scaries (or Tuesday Scaries, in our case) creep in, or just need a little motivational boost to keep going? Our biggest piece of advice would be to turn to your support system.

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Having Family as a Support System

Here at Ashford we love to hear how your support system helps keep you motivated along your journey to graduation. Recently, many of our students and grads shared their stories with us on social media using #MyAshfordU. A common theme that stood out was how family members are often the backbone of a student’s educational experience – offering encouragement, inspiration, and sometimes even being the driving force behind the decision to return to school!

Since we were inspired by their stories, we wanted to share them here with you, too.

Collin Anderson shared on our Facebook wall: “...Having my family by my side when it called for long nights for homework and projects [made all the difference.] [I’m] glad [I] made the sacrifice and my girls were there to support me as [I] just completed my Bachelor's and my Master's degree in Organizational Management...”

(Post was slightly edited for clarity and context, see Collin’s original post).

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Similarly, Robin Moore shared how her family has been her support system as she earned her associate degree and while she pushes toward completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, stating, “My kids and husband are my inspiration to make it to the finish line.”

(Post was shortened for inclusion, see Robin’s post in full).

Tracey Burton celebrated her past achievements at Ashford and shared that her family’s continued support helped her through two degrees and that she is now pursuing a master’s degree!

My family was my support system all the way.

“I started at Ashford University in June of 2011 for my Bachelor’s in Business Administration which I received in August of 2015. Then, I went on [at] Ashford in August 11, 2015 to pursue my Master’s in Education in Early Childhood [Education], I received my master’s degree on February 27, 2017. My family was my support system all the way.”

(Post has been shortened and edited slightly for clarity. See Tracey’s original post)

A few more of our students took the time to email in their stories of support and inspiration to our team. Joe, whose wife reached out to the Ashford University admissions department on his behalf, shared on his blog his gratitude for her initiative, along with how she supported him during those rougher points in time:

“There were, at points throughout this nearly two-year journey, that I wanted to stop and call it quits. I felt I was wasting energy and time on a dream that I felt was out of reach. I gained a couple extra gray hairs and wrinkles during this time, but my wife kept pushing, kept reminding me about the end results of this achievement in my life if I kept with it.”

The Importance of Having a Support System

As you can see, a social support system can consist of family members, but can also be friends, colleagues, or classmates – basically anyone you can turn to when you’re in a bind or feeling anything less than completely confident. Whether it’s one person or a group, your support system provides understanding when you need a sounding board, a safe place to share frustrations (even when it’s approaching 1 am), and a source of helpful advice when you need to talk something out. 

So, who is your support system? Share your story with us on social media using #MyAshfordU. And, when you need an additional boost of inspiration or motivation, be sure you’re following Ashford’s “Our Inspirations” Pinterest board!



Written by Ashford University staff


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