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For many of us, July brings with it an opportunity to celebrate. It may be the feeling that comes with more daylight during the first full month of summer or Independence Day and 4th of July fireworks. At Ashford, we’re also celebrating an expansion of the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program. 

Student Affairs at Ashford is excited to welcome three new Student Support Program Coordinators to the department. Evan Gray, Student Support Program Manager, tells us, “These are very exciting times for the Champs Program! Their passion for helping others will be a great asset to our team and our students!”  


Some of you may remember our January interview, where Evan talked about the experience of many students. “Some of us come into Ashford not knowing what to expect. Perhaps you face some unique challenges to being successful as a student. Maybe you haven’t been to school in a long time, you struggle with time management, or taking care of the kids, and also being successful in school and are wondering, ‘How do other students do this?’” Sierra Bartlett-May, Kiri Storlie, and Cheyenne Bieg-Bourne are working on this exact question. 

Kiri explains, “CHAMPS is Ashford University's peer mentoring program. It’s a customized experience giving support and direction to be successful throughout your degree program.”

But the benefit isn’t limited to mentees. Sierra, who was previously a member of the Career and Alumni Services team, tells us that for mentors, “This program is a great way to gain leadership experience and build your resume.”

And at the heart of it all, Cheyenne reminds us why this team is so passionate, “What excites me the most about the program is that it creates the foundation for students to connect with each other.” 

With more on the horizon, we hope you’ll check out this month’s interview to get the full scoop and some sneak peaks for what’s in store. 



Written by Ashford University staff

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