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At this time of year, depending on who you ask, you may hear about kids going back to school, fun times from National Root Beer Float Day (yes, that’s a real day), or the excitement of returning TV shows and plot twists. At Ashford, it means a new season of Ashford’s very own podcast, The Ashford Underground.


In case it’s your first time hearing about this fun and informative portion of the Ashford Experience, let’s take a moment to talk about the series at a high level. “The goal is to make sure we have a multi-layered show that is giving different perspectives on the various topics and to make sure that it relates well to the Ashford community,” says Aaron Clark, Ashford Underground Co-Host and Faculty Support and Development Associate.


And before getting into what’s in store for season two, Dan Perez, Ashford Underground Co-Host and Academic Issues Administrator, brings us up to speed, “In the first season we covered a range of topics, from plagiarism and the impact on the University, to Office Olympics and a meeting with Ashford’s Employee of the Year, a.k.a., Mr. Ashford, Paul Schultz.”

Looking forward to season two, and the plan to dive further into the happenings in higher education, online education communities, and the Ashford community, AJ Ferril, Ashford Underground Co-Host and Faculty Support and Development Associate, gives us a look at the August episode. “We met with Dr. Jeff Hall, Associate Dean of the Entry Point and Social Science Department in the Division of General Education, and Christina Jaquez, Student Conduct and Deputy Title IX Compliance Specialist, to get their unique views on bullying and harassment in the online classroom.”

For more about the Ashford Underground, check out this month’s PAWs video. And whether looking for a break from studying, a new podcast for your commute, or a chance to get the inside scoop, the Ashford Underground is well worth the listen.



Written by Ashford University staff

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