MBA Application Checklist for Success

MBA Application Checklist

Completing your MBA application is an important task to be taken seriously. Given the fact that how well you do with this process can mean acceptance or rejection, it’s critical that you do your absolute best. Consult the following MBA application checklist before you apply to put you on the path to acceptance.

Take Your Time

Quickly filling out your MBA application is not advised. Admissions officers will be able to tell if you rushed through an application, and they won’t be impressed by your carelessness. You may have a stellar academic record and employment experience, but the application itself is taken into account as a whole by admissions departments. Put as much time as necessary into this process to ensure your application is careful and complete.

Request Transcripts Prior

Once you know what schools you want to apply to, request that any necessary transcripts be sent to the schools as soon as possible. The process can take some time, depending on the school, and you don’t want delayed transcripts to hold up your application.

Work on Your “Story”

If you have joined the workforce and now wish to return to school for your MBA, you have a career history that needs to be shared. Rather than describing everything about your career, craft a clear, concise story to highlight the accomplishments that demonstrate how well-suited you are to earning your MBA and working in business. Developing your story will require some thoughtful analysis, self-reflection, and editing. Prior to turning in your bio, share it with a mentor or friend who understands the MBA field of study to get their feedback.

Craft Your Career Plans Carefully

Rather than listing a quick set of vague career goals, do some research on specific roles that an MBA could prepare you for and relay the ones that interest you the most in your application. Admissions officers understand that your career plans may change, and they aren’t going to hold you to them. Showing that you’ve taken the time to do some research on the options makes it clear that you’ll be a dedicated MBA student.

Share Leadership Experience

Schools that offer MBAs look for students who have demonstrated leadership skills. Take the time to list the various leadership opportunities you’ve had over the years – in work or life. In addition to listing your title or role, describe your various duties. Keep in mind that leadership can take many forms, so think outside the box in this area.

Review the Application Carefully

Prior to pressing send, check your application over carefully for any errors or omissions. If possible, plan to let the application sit for 24 hours and read it completely front to back one more time before sending it in. You are likely to remember an important point with a little time to reflect, and this break will give you the time to add it.

Filling out an MBA application does take some forethought and care, but being admitted to your target school is well worth the time and effort.

Written by Ashford University staff.

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