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Education, like professional development, takes time. Fortunately, many companies see the two working together to help employees perform at their best. They know that engaged, hard-working employees have bright futures in their current positions and beyond. Hunter Industries is one of these companies, and employees Jennifer Mikaeli, Jason Tinling, and Aaron Gagnon, are excited to leverage the Full Tuition Grant program (formerly Leader Development Grant). Pursuing their degrees at Ashford has been a unique college experience for which they are thankful (“I thought that it would be a great thing to take advantage of,” says Jennifer Mikaeli.) Get to know the students behind Hunter Industries’ Tuition Assistance program, and how they’re using online education to grow in new ways.


Expanding Career Options and Developing a Strong Workforce

One of the most notable ways furthering your education can impact your life is by expanding both your career options and earning potential. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, increased education correlates strongly with higher rates of employment and salary. Jennifer, Jason, and Aaron share how precisely this desire to grow professionally and personally—while helping others—led them to pursue their degrees using the Full Tuition Grant.

Personal & Professional Growth

“I’ve had my associate’s degree for 20+ years,” says Jason. While his associate’s degree gave him a good foundation, he knew he needed additional education to progress in his career. “I’ve come across positions where the only reason I wasn’t acceptable was because I didn’t have the degree,” he explains. So Jason decided to do something about that. Pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business leadership at the Forbes School of Business & Technology™ has led to growth and development. He notes, “It’s allowed me to interact more effectively with my coworkers, to communicate better, to express myself well, and to help lead them to a path where they’re more successful.”

Jennifer similarly sees the impact education is making on her work and career. “I’m learning now the business aspect of marketing,” she says. “I have been able to apply the courses I’m taking at Ashford University.”

Aaron earned a degree the first time in 2009, but he considers himself a “lifelong learner” as he’s continued to pursue additional certifications and courses. “Just having one degree, I’m kind of limited in jobs,” he says. With obtaining his next business degree, “I can then expand my search area of jobs.” And his reason for pursuing more education online doesn’t end there. “As every dad or husband would say, they want their wife, they want their kids to have the best.”

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Written by Kelsey Bober, Content Manager for Bridgepoint Education.

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